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An interest check for the following this year:
Animazement, Anime Matsuri Convention, MechaCon Anime Convention, Project: A-Kon, and Katsucon

Can't confirm if I will be at either one, but wanting to check where the interest is at.
This is an FAQ I have decided to write for questions relating specifically to my cosplay photography.
Answers are intended to reflect my own beliefs and some questions may require more than one answer or just another perspective.
I may update this FAQ from time to time once more questions arise.

Since writing this I have actually been looking into being more in front of the camera rather than behind it, but hopefully this will still serve some purpose for people who want to collaborate with me in the future.

M o s t - F r e q u e n t l y - A s k e d - Q u e s t i o n
Q: May I post a photo you took of me on my facebook/deviantart/tumblr/etc. ?
A: Yes. That is what it is there for, but please post best quality version found here -insert link-

D o w n l o a d i n g - P h o t o s
This is more of an explanation than a question on how to repost photos in the best quality.
As always please only repost for personal use. 

All photos are currently being posted in 1100x733 as of writing this and every photo is available on flickr. Unfortunately some people get impatient or don't understand how FlickR works and I occasionally see photos being reposted in 600x400 elsewhere. To get the best version, please follow these steps

1. Click on the photo of your choice
2. Once in "Theater mode", con the lower right corner there is a Down arrow. Click on that and then click "Original 1100x733".
3. You will now see the photo in its full size and can download it accordingly.
4. If all else fails, ask me.

The FlickR account (… ) was originally intended as a general Florida Cosplay Photography account and thus shared amongst me and a circle of other people. 

Nowadays it is mostly used by me and :iconailish01:.

I n t r o d u c t i o n
Something that is often overlooked is that I am a cosplayer myself. I am not very good at that, but it is what got me into cosplay photography.

Q: Are you a professional cosplay photographer?
A: No. Cosplay photography is a hobby and the current potential revenue is not enough to support myself.
However, I do aim to be courteous to everybody and improve over time.

Q: What conventions are you planning on attending?
A: I don't announce until about a month prior in order to not mislead anybody or get my hopes up.
Some conventions like Anime Weekend Atlanta have managed to become routine trips.

Q: Would you be willing to travel to a location outside of a convention to take cosplay photos?
A: Certainly would love to. However I may charge a small fee to compensate any travel costs pending on distance from where I live.

Q: Do you take pictures or video outside of cosplay? Would you be willing to be a photographer for....
A: Yes and I would love to work with you. I have experience with weddings, senior portraits, engagements, head shots, graduation, on set photography, fashion, and promotional stills.

S i g n i n g - U p

Q: How do I schedule a shoot with you at an upcoming convention?
A: Send me a message.

Q: When contacting you, what information should I include?
A: A preferred time, what costume it is, who all is involved and sample of previous work if available.

Q: When and where will you post about sign up information?
A: If I decide to openly advertise doing sign ups for photoshoots at a convention, then it is usually a month before prior.
Although due to a large volume of messages I get, I usually don't do this anymore unless I am charging. Alternatively I like to post which event I will be and leave it at that.

Q: What if you happen to be completely booked?
A: I award persistence. On many occasions if I am not able to shoot with you for one convention, I arrange a way to shoot you for the next.
On some occasions I will try to offer a photo or two during my "off-time".

Q: I don't know my schedule and what I will be doing. Where will you be set up so I can get photos from you whenever I feel like it.
A: I'm sorry. I don't do that.

P r i c i n g
The most controversial part

Q: How much would you charge for a convention shoot?
A: Price is determined by the amount of travel and work involved.
In the past it was usually $20-$30 for 45 minutes (or until we're both satisfied) at a convention.

Q: Why do/did you charge?
A: Charging at one point was my only way to attend conventions. It was the ability to change attending one convention per year to seven.

Q: Why don't/didn't you charge?
A: I have more freedom to do things on my own time and discretion.

Q: Why should I pay somebody?
A1: When you pay for a session, you are guaranteed photo(s) from an photographer of your choice and a time that caters to you.
It is also a way of expressing appreciation for the work involved.

A1-2: In comparison. There are people who offer on site commissions in the artist alley for a fee during the convention.
Alternatively I have had people commission things for me in exchange for photos.

Q: Why should I have to pay for photos when I have to pay to make the costume?
A: Admirable as it is, it is unlikely you made the costume specifically for me or to cater to my interest.
Good photography is an added incentive you choose to partake in.

A2: The overall amount of work involved in processing the photos can sometimes equal the amount of work put into a costume.

Q: Is it really that hard to just press a button?
A: It's about as hard as painting a picture, trying to fix a computer or playing a round of DDR.
Anybody can do those things, but the end result is going to be determined by the knowledge, experience and resources at hand by the individual.

S e t t i n g - U p - T h e - S h o o t

Q: Should I start coming up with my own ideas or will you just tell me what to do?
A: The most ideal approach would be for you to have some ideas of what you want and I would then direct it to bring the most out of it.
If you aren't able to come up with something, then I will try to help make you look as good as I can.

Q: I would like to do some photos at night or somewhere indoors. How should I prepare for this?
A: On an occasion where I won't be using natural light, I will need an assistant to make it work. Atleast one, preferably two.
If you happen to be in a group, usually I ask for people to rotate between assistant and getting their photo taken.

A f t e r - T h e - S h o o t

Q: How long does it take to recieve my photos?
A: I usually deliver 1-2 photos the week of and sometimes the day after an event.
After that period the results tend to vary. Reminding me usually helps

Q: Why does it take so long to recieve my photos?
A:There are a lot of factors involved as to why. Editing can be just as fun as it can  be really tedious.
For a large event like Anime Weekend Atlanta or A-KON, I take on average 900 photos. By the time I narrow down which
photos I want to use, it ends up being between 250-400 by the time I am finished.

Each photo can take up to 3 minutes to edit and some can take up an hour or more.
When working on photos I try to visualize how it will look like while taking them and then how they could look like after editing them

Other reasons include

A1-2: Problems and distractions within my personal life. Whether it was my motherboard calling it quits or problems with the day job.
It can be difficult to determine how much time any of this can take up.

A1-3: Unsatisfied. I'll have photos that I don't think hit what I was wanting out of them and I have to brainstorm ways to get it together.
Sometimes this means having to distance yourself from them and then coming back at a later time.

A1-4 Burn out. The more I stare at photos taken at the same location, the more I am "reliving" being there and it becomes unsettling.
When you are having to browse through and edit hundreds of photos it just becomes too much.

Originally when I started photography I never understood why some charged big money for what they did, but having done a large volume of work free or a low cost, motivation will dwindle.

U s a g e

Q: May I post a photo you took of me on my facebook/deviantart/tumblr/etc. ?
A: Yes. That is what it is there for, but please post best quality version found here -insert link-

Q: Could you send me a high resolution version of a photo for personal use, publication or a contest.
A: Probably. I usually don't like revisiting older photos once they are posted, because I most likely I have other photos that have yet to be worked on.
For this reason I may be slow in terms of sending them. I have considered the idea of a small fee per image for this to help make things go faster.

Q: I would like to use the photos you took of me for prints to sale. It can promote your photography and I will even offer you to pay you x% received
A: Refer to above answer. Unfortunately the few times I have agreed to this the results were underwhelming.

Q: I was wondering if I could edit one of your photos?

A: Which photo and why?

(If positive)

A1-2 If you think you can make it awesome.

O t h e r

Q: You took my picture once and it was really cool, but then I saw you at another convention and you walked by me like you didn't even recognize me! What gives?
A: A change of hair color, eye color and costume will make it difficult for me to recognize you. If you stop me and give me a few details I usually come around.

Q: Can I add your personal facebook account?
A: Sure, I guess. I'm kind of boring though. Let me know who you are if I do know you.

C r i t i c i s m

Q: Your photos suck!
A: Life is like that sometimes.

Q: I don't like this photo you took of me, would you please take it down?
A: No problem. They all can't be zingers

Q: Just absolutely love these photos you took of me and would gladly like to donate towards you! How can I do this?
A: You're awesome. Just send me a message

Q: Do you say no to people just because of their body, gender or fame level?
A: I rarely say no to anybody. What is fame?
I realize I haven't posted a good update in awhile and unfortunately I don't have anything new to say. However...

As somebody who is always looking for new challenges; I am interested to see if there is anybody out there who has wanted to work with me, but never got the chance to. Other than AWA, I am not entirely sure of my schedule but I have been looking at places out of state a lot. 

Also I am looking to do more standard portraits and weddings as I already have some experience in this.

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Are you going?

MomoCon Photo Sessions…
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In case you didn't see it the first time =)

Free free freeee…
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I'm a free agent. Drop me a line.
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I've been meaning to upload more on here and I always intended on doing an upload per day. Unfortunately I end up not following through after the first two uploads. Therefore I will be doing a massive upload of some older photos on here.


How about that MegaCon?

I am also looking for rooming options for MomoCon if anyone is going.

Be sure to like my page =)…
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Anime South photos are in progress

Here is the current gallery
FlickR (HQ)… | FaceBook (LQ)…


I am tentatively attending MegaCon and MomoCon this year and will trying to do things a little differently than I usually do.
Let me know if you plan on attending as well =)
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I will be attending FANDom Con 2013 and being close by and a guest photoshoots will be free. Unfortunately I might not be there the entire weekend.
Hit me up if you are going.

AWA Photos are slowly in the works as well as remainder AFO ones.
Outside of some occasional stand outs I honestly was not overall satisfied with my AFO photos and I apologize for that.
With the weather and new location that was not up to par. On the other hand my AWA photos have been quite exceptional owed to some upgrades provided by :iconhakuoro917:

More upgrades to come in the future now that

AWA Photos Flickr… | FaceBook…

Private Photoshoot Sessions by Ken AD for Anime Weekend Atlanta 2013
So a lot of minor updates in this post. AFO has passed and turned out to be more Absent Festival Orlando for some reason. It is likely the date move by MetroCon put them in a bad spot. As far as anything else I will be attending this year I have Anime Weekend Atlanta and FANDom Con left. Afterwards I am not sure what I will be attending in the future. It does seem time has come for me to rethink in a different direction and even to a different audience. Therefore I might not be attending MegaCon and a few other ones I normally frequent at next year.

I will be finishing the rest of the year with Anime Weekend Atlanta and FANDom Con.

Recent Features & Links

Deviation Feature…
Otaku Magazine

Perfection Zero listed as part of the Learning and Research Resources on Project A-KON's sub site

If you don't like that Heroes of Cosplay then you should watch that instead. It came first too lol

MetroCon (Mostly Non Shoot) Photos
Now taking spots for AFO. Sometimes these things tend to go fast...

More Information:…


MetroCon Photos so far...

Spots for shoots are mostly filled, but there may be a little room left as of posting this.
I will also tentatively be there Thursday.…

As always if you are not able to book a shoot with me, you can still try and find me for a quick photo during my off hours.

My Cosplay Photography which is slated for 10AM on Friday.
Me and hosting MetroCon panels didn't seem to get a long the first time, but I will be looking into changing that somehow this time around =)


One or two A-KON shoots in the final hours of editing. I have been attempting a lot of new things to make them better.
Thanks for being patient =)
MechaCon Interest Check
It is looking unlikely now that I will be able to attend this one, but I was wondering if there was any interested in photoshoots for this?


MetroCon 2013 Photoshoots

I am now open for booking. =)
AZ & A-KON Recap

The past few weeks have been exhausting. I have traveled to two conventions which both marked the furthest I have traveled for one.

First there was Animazement (Raleigh, NC) which was... OK. Plans to go were kind of short handed so I was not sure what to expect. If it was something more in the range of 4 hours I would consider going to it more, however it looks like it'll be a one time thing unless something really awesome is planned. Lines were short, but programming wasn't always the best. The cosplay I saw was well crafted, but not much variety that I would prefer. Everything else was okay midst a few problems and drama that did not affect me. Supposedly there was a temporary ban on DSLRs, but I suppose not many people take me as much of a photographer when I am in cosplay. Social atmosphere was okay, but not really great. Their video game room however was the best I had seen and since it carried both Pump It Up Fiesta 2 and Infinity it allowed me to not make any side stops for the convention I went to the following week.. A-KON (Dallas, TX).

This I had planned on going for awhile and was pretty excited for. The main appeal was that it would be a large convention that is mostly dedicated to anime/video games with attendance numbers doubling AWA. That certainly showed when I got there on Thursday and saw the line for pre-reg. It was the longest line I had ever seen of any line in existence. Fortunately I was an on-site reg'r, but I still had an hour and a half of wait before I picked my badge up. As far as what the con had to offer... well I suppose it depends on how you look at it. The video game room was decent, but lacked the arcades you would see at AWA and Animazement. No DDR, Pump It Up, IIDX, etc.. Although ScrewAttack was there and had a fighting/beat'em up game machines at their dealers booth on freeplay. There was also some mech game in the game room, but you had to pay to play. The programming offered seemed interesting, but you really had to plan to go to what you want 10 hours in advance because there are always ridiculous lines everywhere. Cosplay craftmenship on hand I don't think exceeded what I would see at something like AWA, but the variety was incredible. It's rare to see a Kefka or Crono at a con, but to see 4 or 5 is just something. The atmosphere here was much better than AZ and everybody was excited to get photos with me. Overall the exotic experience of going to the west for a con was quite a thrill and something I would like to go back to. Also the hotel was the best I had ever seen for photos.. maybe not so much for a convention hosting ground, but that is excusable.

I also got to speak to both :iconfirecloak: and Sam Lau in person. Both were very down to Earth and fun to talk to.
I learned a lot

Great Conventions
So since I have been in the convention game for awhile and seen just about everything out there in my region. I decided to make a quick write up as what I considered my overall favorites and a brief list of the worst.

My Top Conventions

1st: Anime Weekend Atlanta (Atlanta, Georgia)
My first convention. It exceeded in excellence, dropped a few points over the years and then regained its spot on my list of personal favorites. It's overall offerings in its video game rooms, atmosphere, photo locations, dealers & aa, cosplay make it stand as the best in the region and my personal best. Even if it has gotten "old", there is no denying its balance and success.

2nd: EXP Con (St Augustine, Florida)
A convention that had lot of potential to grow, but met an unexpected end. Not the best in terms of what a convention had to offer, but up there as far as what a convention can bring together. Great people, attendance that was "just right" for the size of its location and special guests that separated this convention from the rest. There are tons of rumors as far as what happened to it and if it is coming back. Others tried to emulate its success during and after its lifespan, but could never quite captured what this achieved.

3rd: A-KON (Dallas, Texas)
I suppose one way to describe this convention as a slightly watered down AWA mixed with some EXP Con. The convention itself may be marred with a few problems, but still offered decent programming and atmosphere. Hopefully it can continue to grow and fix some its problems in terms of it as a convention, but to be honest I enjoyed what the convention managed to bring together and its location so much that it did not hinder my enjoyment.

4th: MetroCon (Tampa, Florida)
Now I am not going to pretend that there hasn't been a lot of problems in terms of some of the politics and its previous chairman. With that said there are a lot of things that make this convention very unique in comparison to others. It has a lot of thoroughly planned out events and decent production values for a convention. The panel rooms do kind of suck as they don't have projector set ups which are standard elsewhere. While I hated this convention my first year, overtime it has begun to grow. It is also due to this convention I was able to first call myself "photography champion".  Now if only they would bring back the DDR machine.

5th: FANDom Con (Pensacola, Florida)
Small college convention that mirrors EXP Con in a lot of ways. This will be placed higher once the attendance grows overtime.

6th: MomoCon (Atlanta, Georgia)
I like to think of this convention as a sort of AWA-Lite. Everything is sort of a small step back. Not quite a bad thing as it allows me to see the people again that I normally look forward to seeing at AWA.  The big downside is that the past locations are incredible dark inside and not always ideal for photos.

7th: Anime Festival Orlando (Orlando, Florida)
Overall decent, but unfortunately it is one of the hottest conventions I have ever attended weather wise. Originally I was considering dropping this from my schedule, but the new location gives me hopes.

8th Animazement (Raleigh, North Carolina)
9th Anime South (Destin, Florida)
10th SwampCon (Gainesville, Florida)

Worst Conventions
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So you may have heard of the term "fundraiser".. well I will be running a "viewraiser".

The new documentary has been getting great reception and comments have been ranging from it being one of the better movies on the subject to a demand to have more movies like this. So over the Summer I am going to make it a goal for the video to reach 25,000 views. I feel by this film getting more exposure it will help promote a more positive image on the subject. If anyone has any suggestions or would like to contribute to increasing the view count, let me know. There have already been a number of people who have already shared the video and I am extremely grateful for that.

As for another film on the subject..
There was a lot of work and trouble that went into making Perfection Zero. I am open to the idea, but it will require a story that sets out to be different than what was already established in the previous film. Right now I want to focus on other potential film projects, but I will be keeping my camera rolling over the next few conventions I am planning on attending in case I find something.

If you haven't seen it yet; watch it here…

I am also always looking for aspiring actors, artists or filmmakers who want to work together in the future.



Spots have been pretty much filled for awhile, but I am looking into hosting some sort of free photo hour/block. Since this is new territory for me I am hoping to meet and work with as many new people as possible


There are still some photoshoot spots available for this with Friday almost full. If you are interested in arranging something with me just read through the link here…


Right now I am eying MetroCon possibly two other conventions this Summer. After this Summer I am not entirely sure where I will be or what I will be doing.
I made a movie about cosplay lol. It is the reason why everything else I was suppose to be doing got derailed. All should go back to normal now.

Go check it out…

Please support, like, and share :D

A few Animazement spotss still open. Book today :D
Sign up info:…
I will be offering private photoshoots at my first Animazement. As a cosplayer and cosplay photographer, I have collaborated with some of the best out there.

For those unable to book me I have set aside a time to take several hallway shots if you can find me. I am also considering hosting some sort of "Photo Hour" which would be open to anybody. That way everyone can get atleast one with me. However organizing a shoot will guarantee and garner best results.

- Rates, Payment, Times, Etc -

Sessions generally run 30-45 minutes or as I would like to say "When we're done". Afterwards I like to review the photos to ensure everybody (including myself) involved is happy.

Following the convention I will provide the photos within a month via FlickR pro, FaceBook and E-Mail. I edit all of my photos with great care to give a natural and unique look to each individual photo. I usually will provide high resolution/watermark free upon request with no extra charge, but due to the large file sizes this often takes more time.

- Posing -
Being both a seasoned photographer and filmmaker I can help you pose by giving strong direction. However I encourage you to have some ideas in mind or to be familiar with your character so we can collaborate a motivation for each shot. Please have a strong sense of who your character is so we can discuss ideas together and at the convention.

*** Please check your costume prior to avoid loose pieces, anything turned inside out or convention badges getting in the photo. The less post work for me, the faster I can provide the photos for you.

- Location -
Location is also very important and having some ideas on this will allow more time for photos. Being familiar with your character you should be able to pick areas that would be appropriate. Multiple areas are fine as long as time permits and they are researched ahead of time. I will also be scouting the area during the convention.

- Lighting -
I prefer to shoot with natural lighting, but I am now able to provide external lighting which is necessary for shooting at night or in darker areas. If this is ideal for you then please be mindful of any rules that may or may not prohibit the use of the set up. Using proper flash photography can become very time consuming so be aware that the amount of photos provided may be less than those shot during the day.

Good Location: Isolated place at twilight with the city in the background
Bad Location: The convention hallway

- Signing Up -
If you are interested please contact me via private message or e-mail to reserve a spot. When signing up please be sure to list your preferred time(s), tentative costume plans, and a link/photo of your previous cosplay work if available.

I will now be attending Animazement.

I am considering BelleCon.

Consider sign ups open.


Another that was trying to pass itself as a huge event claiming to have more attendance than Holiday Matsuri and FANDom Con. Even going as far as claiming "as attendance is expected to skyrocket once again". Then when people complained they replied by saying by saying oh we're just a small free convention =).
Pretty pathetic here guyz lol