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My City
     Another day at the office and I'm bruised, sore and worn the hell out. Seems odd that I can call that progress, but I'll take it. By the time I've shut off the lights and sent the boys home I'm ready for a drink, or several, at The Deuce. Dee won't be home, some society function or another. At least she's still polite enough to make excuses for me, though I'm not sure how much longer that'll last. Doesn't bother me as much as it should these days.
     My Ford coupe growls as I turn the key and we tear off into the night with a squeal of burning tires. I spent so long prowling the streets that I genuinely forgot how much I love driving. Her V8 snarls as I put the pedal down, enjoying the still snowless roads that will all too soon be a memory. It's a fine night to race the devil, and that's just what I do. He still hasn't caught me by the time I reach The Deuce of Clubs, I take that as a good sign.
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The Sound by stillevolving The Sound :iconstillevolving:stillevolving 5 10 Eliza by stillevolving Eliza :iconstillevolving:stillevolving 3 11
Places to Be
    Jerry didn't call, and he certainly hasn't shown up for dinner. I'm not surprised. I have a feeling I know where he is right now, the only question is how badly do I want to go get him. I'm not sure I do. Some lessons you have to learn the hard way. I don't linger long after I close up shop, I give myself just enough time to shower and change before I make my way into the autumn Sunday night. As much as the winters in Millburgh can be hell, the fall is more than pretty tolerable. It's nice enough out that I'd like to leave my car and just take a walk through the city, but I've got places to be.
    I pull out onto the empty street and head for the highway. I take my time, and enjoy the cool air coming through my open windows. I head north, into the heart of downtown, into my old stomping grounds. It's a different place these days, cleaner, quieter and a little less interesting. The Deuce of Clubs though, she never changes, and I thank God for
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Midnight in Millburgh by stillevolving Midnight in Millburgh :iconstillevolving:stillevolving 0 3 WIP Millburgh by stillevolving WIP Millburgh :iconstillevolving:stillevolving 0 2 .38 Tales Cover by stillevolving .38 Tales Cover :iconstillevolving:stillevolving 5 40
The 39th Tale
The 39th tale
A Short Story by Justin White
"Bartender! Beer! Ice cold!" I rap my fist on the old warped bar of the Deuce of Clubs.
"You gon' be shoutin' at me Boss, I's gon' ask you t' leave." Franklin ambles over to me and slams down a tall brown bottle budding with droplets of water. "Ain't you heard? I gots a dress code in here, Boss." Franklin is dead right of course, I'm in a t-shirt shorts and running shoes and I'm sweating like pig to top it off.
"I needed a mid-run pick me up. It's hotter than hell out there!" Summer had finally come to Millburgh bringing with it baseball, picnics in the park and the God damn heat. I swear this city is only tolerable three weeks a year. The rest of time it's too hot to move or too cold to live. If I could travel through time like some of those boys in the funny papers, I'd punch Old Colonel Miller in the face for even thinking of founding this dump here.
"You a damn fool, running around in heat like this. Must be a hunnert an' fo' out there."
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Boom by stillevolving Boom :iconstillevolving:stillevolving 3 14
Tombstone Bound Part 2
Billy and Andrew made their way back into their car. Snores, sighs and various sounds of the sleeping greeted them. No had moved into their bench, so they took their seats, Billy leaning back against the wall of the rail car. He pulled his Stetson low again.
"Oh no, you sir, are not going to make a pronouncement like that and simply nod off without elaborating!"  Billy didn't move the hat. "William Jefferson Barnes you are insufferable!"
"You sound like my ma' Andrew." He said from beneath the hat. "I don't like it because I don't know a damn thing about it. Some old friend of yer family's tells ya there's a grave robber running rampant in the backwater of the Arizona Territory. So we get drug from the Union to this god damned, red hot chunk o' Hades ta' do what exactly?"
"Find the perpetrators of this heinous offense and bring them to swift justice!" Andrew pounded his fist on the bench for emphasis.
"Now yer soundin' like the preacher. What makes you think we'll have one li
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Practice by stillevolving Practice :iconstillevolving:stillevolving 17 126
Another I Found
The hungry blade calls
to answer is to fall prey
hear the song of blood
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Old School Haiku
Illusion made real
see only what you wish to
today the end comes
Do you see it yet
Understanding is denied you
there is no rest here
the time fades slowly
drifting we are unaware
no longer today
The shadow lives on
it questions it doubts it grows
today it knows me
hidden enemies
drowning in shadows long wake
blood falls like the rain
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.38 Tales ID by stillevolving .38 Tales ID :iconstillevolving:stillevolving 6 44 Bug on A Bug by stillevolving Bug on A Bug :iconstillevolving:stillevolving 3 147
Mature content
One Man Band :iconstillevolving:stillevolving 1 40



United States
A new logo/ID for my .38 Tales stories.

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Personal Quote: But for you I've pursued nothing.
I hadn't written a journal in nearly a year and half. Yikes!


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