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Wandering alone in a dead world

It's not too late yet,
But we will regret it,
We're close to the edge,
The point of no return!


From the same location: Autumn lives by Stilleschrei Orphan child by Stilleschrei
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Canon EOS 1200D
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1/41 second
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27 mm
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Date Taken
Nov 3, 2017, 9:06:39 AM
© 2017 - 2021 Stilleschrei
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floriaiglenoir's avatar English is much better than my ...:iconblushplz:
...Very emotional image and profound words, indeed...reminding me of the atmosphere of the  song of "Disturbed"sound of silence
Excellent by vafiehya and let's hope...for "the wake up"...
Stilleschrei's avatar
:) thanks very much!!
I see, you're from the French part of Belgium? I live in the Dutch Limburg!
floriaiglenoir's avatar
...You are most welcome You're-welcome! by vafiehya :iconjoyloveplz:
I am living in Brabant-Wallon, between Jodoigne and Namur .I have an old friend, who was living for 20 years in Schinne, on the border Belgium /Holland, and I often visited him.We visited last year Valkenburg, (that is one the border of Limburg , too, isn't it?) and it was very beautiful :iconjoyloveplz: But now he moved back to Retie.
Stilleschrei's avatar
Yes, Valkenburg is right at the border! I live about 50 km up north in Roermond, a small town at river Meuse!
I've never been to Namur, but I know it's situated at river Meuse and is a beautiful place!
:D So perhaps you can send me a message in a bottle!!
floriaiglenoir's avatar
...Oh, I never have been In Roermond neither, but I am absolutely convinced it must be a charming town, when I refer to Your beautiful Photographs of Nature...:iconjoyloveplz:
Oh...and You have never been in Namur? What a shame, it is really lovely, too, I like to go there from time to time, it's 15 min by car from my place.
Indeed , we have the Meuse, crossing through Namur...listen , next time I will go fro a walk near the river...I will  send You a message in a bottle  message in a bottle by Chibivillecute :D (not sure if it can reach You before I would have left Namur, haha :rofl:...and now, that You wrote those words, and the title of this song...gosh, I can't get it out of my mind!  :giggle:
Stilleschrei's avatar
:) Roermond is a small town, about 50000 people live there, but spread over lots of squire meters! Has some old buildings AND has the outlet centre.. people from all over the world visit it (don't ask me why though, it's jus a shopping mold)
:D I'll put Namur on my "to go" list, I've seen photo's of it with the river Meuse on it too, and the surroundings look beautiful!
:D Yes, the Police rock, one of the New Wave bands of the early eighties! I loved listening to them and other New Wave bands!
floriaiglenoir's avatar
...sounds a charming place, Roermond:iconjoyfulplz:
Namur is lovely , too, indeed, there are some "walking zone streets, and it is quite picturesque, also to walk near the Meuse and also the Sambre,in warm season people are having a drink on some "peniches",  around the "Citadelle" it's lovely, too...good You put it on Your "to go list", hehe...:iconcuteeagerplz:...well, when You are ready to visit Namur , please let me know, it would be a pleasure to make You discover it! You-are-welcome- by vafiehya Have-a-nice-day by vafiehya , dear Wiebe!
Stilleschrei's avatar
:D Definitely want to go there now, would be so nice to meet you and get a tour around the city by you!
:) I have a 2 week holliday, the last 2 weeks in may... I didn't plan anything yet because I had all my teeth pulled out 9 days ago, so I wasn't sure how I would be feeling, but sofar so good!
Could you spare me a day then? :eager:
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Well, what an ID pic, and with a message! I agree! Wonderful. 
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:D Glad you like it!
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The Darkness before the Light Pierces that Darkness....Great scene and Image!!
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lonely is the hand that rocks the world.

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:) thanks very Merve :hug:
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You're welcome Wiebe, i really love this shot!
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very very lovely capture..:hug:
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I like your pictures. ⭐🌟⭐
Stilleschrei's avatar
:) thanks, I'm glad you do!
minamiko's avatar
So very ethereal..there is much grace and softness in it all the same!
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