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So StillBeating has been down a while so I went through it and (finally) redesigned it.
Check it: has 123 games at the moment and I will update it with more games when I've got the time to do so.

From Normandy to Nagasaki (the game!) has 4 completed levels, functional upgrade system with price alterations, you can now call in airstrikes from level 4 onwards. There is still heaps to go but it'll be great when its done.

I may also have some new artwork coming in a week or so (or maybe before?)
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Okay. So I've submitted some stuff recently.

1 New game out:…
and 2 to go.

From Normandy to Nagasaki is a while away yet, but it'll be awesome when finished.
Lycanthrope is still in production so to speak. A lot of artwork and stage planning has been done, but theres still heaps to go and work will continue after From Normandy to Nagasaki is completed.

Also, I now have some prints for sale, I doubt anyone will buy them, but no harm in having them =P
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My new mini-game is out. Play it!…

Now, back on to my other projects!
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Cool. I haven't even posted anything in ages.


I WILL be rather soon, so sit tight, or loose, whichever.

New game + Art to come
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Is slow, but I'm hoping to make a hit (like that'll ever happen!). From Normandy to Nagasaki and Lycanthrope will be my first games to contain upgrades. Cool, eh?

Anyway, reached 100 games today! Go play some!
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Yes. Exactly what the title says.

I've been inactive on deviantArt for a while now. Tsk tsk.

Anyway, I've been busy in the time I've been away, I have a new flash games website;
Go there! Sign up! Enjoy!

Also. I've been working on (for the millionth time) From Normandy to Nagasaki. I might release the first level (when its completed) just to show everyone how its going to look. Lycanthrope is still going to get made. I've just been a tad busy as of late to get a lot of work done.

For some reason my flash player is being a slow bitch, so its really not helping production. Anyway, I may release some new stuff soonish, I hope. But in the meantime check out my new site and enjoy the growing archive of games;
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Yes. Right now I'm planning a new game, it's name for the moment is "Lycanthrope" - its about Werewolves.. or Lycans (with hats).
It will be very simmilar to Adventure Quest/Dragonfable... But with some different features.

Anyway, I'm not going to say much on it because there isnt a heap right now. I'm doing concept/promo art for it which should be out soonish.
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Yep, its here and on my site so go play it now!
It'll be added on newgrounds shortly (a few hours away yet), and on other places on the web after that.

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Well it would seem Hunt for the Red Baron 2 is nearing completion (hooray!).

So far its got a nifty menu system which sort of mimics actual gameplay, you'll see it soon enough (I dont want to give too much info away on that seemingly pointless feature - I think the ideas gold anyway).

The cockpit view game mode has been removed. It was then going to be used in a bonus stage or the final stage, but has been removed from gameplay completely. BUT it will be in the new menu system.

The secondary menus have been changed slightly from the original plans working to be like a training manual for the tutorial/aircraft pages. Complete with page turning transitions.

In the original game I wanted to include actual world war 1 footage, though I couldnt find much that was relevant. I did find some but it made the game far too large in filesize so its been scrapped and replaced with some nifty animation.

Bonus stages have been implemented. Given that 6 stages isnt enough, another two sort of flesh it out a bit. I only really have 1 bonus stage idea at the moment. Though hopefully I wont have to re-use bonus stages, thats tacky.

Historical factlets have been added on the victory/stage screens. Edutainment!

Other updates include a modified version of my "war" intro.  Updated cloud art (only slight changes). A preloader that says "loading" - people were actually thrown by the original game thinking the preloader was the game, stupid I know. Updated enemy AI, they will only move around the visible screen. No more dissapearing off screen and still firing at you.

As far as music goes, I'm likely to just recycle the music from the original game and the (unfinished) battle of britiain game I made. Its hard to find world war 1 type music. Instrumental stuff anyway.

I'll probably release some more promo art in the coming days and hopefully the game soon.

Note this is likely to be my first game involving ads. HEAPS of work has been put into the art and features of this game so I'm very hopeful it'll do well and people will like it. So why not try to make a few quick bucks?
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I havent updated this in a while. So here's an update with the list of crap I'm making! (hooray!)
This list is in no particular order, fyi.

1. Business Work - Doing some 3d animation for a building company. This is the main of my priorities.

2. Escartana's Dead (Beta title) - A zombie/catapult game! A fair amount of this is already completed, but after I finish the rest of th stages and enemies I'm going to add some extra features/unlockables/cheats. First game in a while to have intentionally programmed cheats!
3. Dance Bubi Dance - More a concept than anything. I'll leave it at that.

4. Hunt for the Red Baron 2 - Its been untouched for ages but I do plan to finish it. I really liked the original game but it did have some flaws, this one improves on it and gives it a couple more features (better art too)

5. From Normandy to Nakasaki - I think this was started sometime in 2009. Still not done yet. A lot IS done already, HOWEVER its a big task and really irritating to work on as theres so much coding to go over and a lot of checking variables. I do plan to finish it though, maybe in a series of games.

6. Starfox RPG - Dunno about this, I had a lot of ideas for it, but it had a lot of bugs, platformers I find difficult to program (the enemy ai and jumping at least)

7. AWESOME THING - okay, its not called that. Its my desktop assistant. I made one last year, or the year before. But never released it, its pretty much a desktop application that does a whole host of things, run games, calculates things, gives facts/info and whatnot. The original was available in PC and Mac versions. Dont know about this new one though, a lot more features and a lot more files to go with, I dont know if the coding will accept mac versions.

Current Features;
Customizeable colour set
variable greetings (also in original)
calculator (also in original)
webcam viewing - alternate version will have customizable icons instead (incase you lack a webcam)
internet/games/mail access (also in original) - however you can customize the default website
google/dictionary/wikipedia searches
sprite maker - make your own videogame sprites! Printable too.
ascii converter - WEBCAM VERSION ONLY - converts your picture to ascii art
Newgrounds Radio - listen to music off newgrounds audio portal!
send me money feature - so you can send me money :P
flash player detector - tells you what flash player you're using

More to come (hopefully) - I'm open to ideas.
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Is now completed. You can play it here;…

I'll release it on more sites in the coming days.
The other games are still on the way, but for the moment I'm storyboarding a new cartoon as there is a distinct lack of them currently on my site.
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Yeah, its been a long while since anything of substance has been released. It will still be a while, but for the first time in a long time I sat down and did some real work on one of my many projects. Murder on the Moredie Express is coming along swimmingly with a number of tasks done on it. Each objective is separated into "tasks" in the programming, and I'm up to task 4 or 5.

From Normandy to Nagasaki is a long while away with all what I need to add and Starfox Missions is dead in the water for now. Oh well, we're getting there!
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Okay, so I haven't released anything in a long time. Well, some more time will pass before I do release anything as i have a number of things in the works.
I always seem to come up with new games and start work on them and neglect the old ones. Anyway, heres a list of the games I'm working on (and hope to finish - in no particular order);

1. Starfox Missions - Story needs to be worked out more, cutscenes added, lag needs to be reduced

2. Unnamed Project - While it lacks a name, this game is a sherlock holmes-ish train-based murder-mystery problem solver lots of hyphens game. You contol a (moreso) anthropomorphic Leroy around the Mallard express, contol him by clicking (he'll walk to where you click). Lots to do on this one!

3. Hunt for the Red Baron 2 - I loved the first one, but people disliked some of its flaws, so i fixed them, improved the engine and arwork added a bunch of extras.

4. From Normandy to Nagasaki - fighterlegend and I started work on this eons ago and got nowhere on it, I recently went back to it and after 2 boring days of code crunching I worked out 99.9% of the (basic)battle engine for the game. Only 2 units so far though.

With any luck and perseverence all of these should get done in time
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After a long time of doing nothing I've started a new project called "Starfox Missions" it loosely revolves around the starfox series. The story is something along the lines of Krystal left the team and got herself captured, now they have to save her... or something like that.

Anyway. It's a platformer game but a little less "get from one end to the other"ness. While you still have the normal get from one end to the other thing going on, the game has different stages and aspects to it.

Theres boss fights, co-op levels with computer players. The odd "chose your character" stages and defence stages.

The (so far) completed levels are as follows;
1 - Play as fox and defend slippy while he fixes a train from waves of native enemies. Falco fights along-side you.

2 - Get from one end of the stage to the other (as Fox) to catch up with Falco and Slippy.

3 - Distract the enemy on his tower while slippy prepares explosives. Falco scouts ahead.

4 - Play as Falco scouting through ruins. You are later caught up by Slippy and Fox.

as for other stages, 5 is likely to be a boss fight where you can play as Fox or Falco. Level 6 is likely to be the (bigger!)co-op stage. You play as fox with falco following you around and helping fight enemies.

Yeah. Thats all thats planned (and completed) for the moment. While I do have a demo version available I'd much rather keep to the small group of testers I have, so no link for the moment =P
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Stereotype Boxing 2 seems to be something of a hit, it's been yoinked from newgrounds and put on heaps of sites around the internet. I'm getting a lot of hits back to my site and thats what I hoped for, so hooray for that.

I'm going to avoid making new games for a bit. I'm coming up with new ideas for cartoons, I'm going to get a bit experimental with the new LATMP cartoon, which kinda pokes fun at itself in the beginning and then carries on with the nonsense. I'm also playing with the idea of making a parody of the Australian tourism adverts - Though that sort of parody can be tricky as you should probably avoid going into political situations, and some people are proud and easily offended by people making fun of the bears with punched in faces called "Koalas". Oh well.
I saw CATS the musical t'other night and to be honest I was setting myself up to be let down. Shows in Australia tend to be not too good and Perth of all places is like captain sucky. However, it was damn good and I must say I really enjoyed myself even with the idiot two seats across from me who kept laughing loudly at everything, even the intermission.

Anyway, Stereotpye Boxing 2 is done, you can play it if you like here;… <- Theres 12 enemies to get through in this one!

I'm probably going to start work on a cartoon or something now, dunno really.
Yeah, people time to time yoink the content you put on one site and move it on to theirs or another. Generally its not so bad as it allows more people to see it without you yourself doing more work and using more bandwith. Unbeknownst to me, certain creations of mine have made their way around the internet, heres the 2 most successful ones that I've found.

The Chuck Norris Fact Generator 2 (Its old)…

while I don't like that the user is getting credit for my work, 14,191 views cannot be argued with. It also reached top 3 of the month after that guy yoinked and released it there.

Horse Ranch 2 (Always the sequels!)…

This is the number 3 most popular game on the website, yet another one I never intended it to be on. But flash artists/programmers/whatevers generally release flash stuff with the intention of spamming, irritating or entertaining. I think 2 of my games (well, the fact generators more a gadget)have done quite well for themselves. Hopefully my new game project will do as well as these two.
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Hokay. I have decided on the next project.

Along side fixing up the SBP site when I feel like it. I shall be making...

Leroy and the Magical Pumpkin - The Roleplay Game!

Yes. You will play as Sir Leroy on his quest to slay the Dragon of Sturm Island. Theres going to be some plot twists and junk, so theres an actual story behind the intro, not just walk and stab.
And the  "Rogue Rabbit" title is the (plural form of the) first enemy Sir Leroy faces. It's a purple rabbit. But don't let it's cuteness fool you. That things evil... Mhmm. Thats right.

Also, The script to LATMP4 will be written when I feel like it. Technically it's the 5th LATMP Cartoon, but 1 was a spin-off and therefore, not a real "episode".

I'll post up a preview image of the LATMP when I do some more level artwork...

Also, as (maybe) a side project, I have a game called "Renegade" in the works, which is like my old game Knight's Tale (here;…) but with guns.. And you have a pet dog who follows you around and helps fight enemies.
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Yes. Leroy and the Magical Pumpkin 3 has been released on my site, here (and after this entry) Newgrounds too.

Now I've got a rather big project done, I'm going to move onto the even more annoying task, redesigning my site. It doesn't work well with firefox or newer versions of IE. It's going to be a bitch of a task as I liked my old layout (could've used more colour though).

So, sit back, click on Leroy and the Magical Pumpkin 3 and enjoy the supidity.
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Yep. I always wanted to animate a "LATMP: The Musical" but couldnt for a number of reasons... mainly lack of musical knowledge. I can only confidently write for 3 instruments... so, yeah. No musical. Then I wanted to do musical parodies, but couldnt because a lack of instrumental only tracks.

Now, as a little bonus, Leroy and the Magical Pumpkin 3 will have Leroy, Eugene and Fred rocking out to a new LATMP song. It's only 30 seconds, but I think from now on it's going to be a constant in the LATMP universe.

I'll upload it to deviantart as a taste of LATMP3 stupidity, despite the fact it has nothing to do with the cartoon or story. I just like dumb endings.

So, yeah. Expect a little musical stuff from Leroy soon!
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