Happy Easter!

Journal Entry: Sun Apr 12, 2020, 7:38 PM
Hey everyone! I wanted to wish anybody who celebrates it, a happy Easter! :D 
I know its been a while since we did a feature or anything so I wanted to make sure I put something together for you for Easter :)
I also want to reassure you, that while it was undeniably upsetting to see Linéa go, we plan to do everything in our power to keep this group going strong!
Without further ado, I give you some of our most recent Easter themed submissions! Enjoy!

Happy Easter! (2020) by Yuukon
Easter Cheese Cake by Bittersuesz
Here Comes Hoppy Cottontail by Batced
Dragon Eggs for Easter Basket by Atanata

Stay safe, and have a Happy Easter everyone! :love:

Skin by UszatyArbuz
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Chocolate Dessert 2 by StargazeAndSundance
Tea Party Dreams by Elle-Everwood
% ( key ) by Mars-Hill
Save Nature by MohannadKassab
Food - Baking -cakes, cookies, pastries etc
chocolate cherry cupcakes by InsanityPants
Carrot Cake by StargazeAndSundance
Luvdisc - Cookies on a stick 2 by StargazeAndSundance
Donut Wall by StargazeAndSundance
Food - Desserts - ice cream, cheesecake etc
Last Course by StargazeAndSundance
White Mousse Au Chocolat by StargazeAndSundance
Dessert for coffee 2 by AnnaZLove
Sweet Still life 2 by AnnaZLove
Food - Other
Adipocyte by Kitteh-Pawz
Quail's eggs. by samo19
Spice Spiral by jojo22
Fresh raspberries in a wine glass 2 by AnnaZLove
Chocolate, sweets, candy
Candy Corn Jar by Catlaxy
Sweetheart Snacks by StargazeAndSundance
10 Years DevianTart by Catlaxy
Lindt chocolate 1 by AnnaZLove
Food - Meals
Mabon Feast 2021 by Bittersuesz
Midsummer Meal by Bittersuesz
Cowboy Crunchrap by Loffy0
Crispy pizza 1 by AnnaZLove
Dolls and figures
Boulangerie I by AzureFantoccini
last summer days III by AzureFantoccini
sweet little bun by Keila-the-fawncat
colourful moments of life by Keila-the-fawncat
I see you by HackingDutchman
Enjoying with my Friend by MohannadKassab
Happy Danbo by MohannadKassab
Watching you by MohannadKassab
Candy Corn Cocktail by Catlaxy
Cozy autumn by EleanHellkatie
Lavender syrup by EleanHellkatie
Espresso with spices 3 by AnnaZLove
Cut Flowers and Flower Arrangements
On a July Day by Bittersuesz
A Sense of Sorrow by Kitteh-Pawz
DAFFODILS by major-holdups
- by aloner777
Happy Easter ..a new beginning by Cochalita
Bottles and Bokeh
Green Necklaces 2 by StargazeAndSundance
Blue potion cork bottle necklace by Ilvirin
Cozy by ArianneAsMyself
Artisan Crafts
Some Intercourse with an Alien? by Atanata
Forlorn by Bittersuesz
Challenges Folder
Where the hot comes from by Erdbeerstern
Little pieces of joy by Cochalita
Happy Halloween by LTerri
Happy Easter! (2021) by Yuukon
I Love U by Azzeria
This is Halloween 2019
Pumpkin Pie by Catlaxy
My Christmas 2019


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