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8-Bit Social Media Icons

Free icon set with social media icons.
File is a .7z (7-Zip).
Download 7-Zip for free here [link]
© 2010 - 2021 StiligeCecilie
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Thank you StiligeCecilie!!

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Snapchat? I could use that If anyone had it...

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Hi Friends Please Click The Link And Watch The Video  Is Unlimited  social media work!!!…  
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I love your work! Any chance of a Instagram icon? 
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OMG, these are awesome. Thank you.
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I love this! It's the best 8-bit social icon set pack ever!
I used it there: [link]
I didn't find Youtube icon, so I made it :P
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needs Google+ if you ever get a chance, great pack!
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Any way that you could make a Pinterest 8-bit icon
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i can't figure out how to download this! i downloaded the item
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It's a package, so just get 7-zip for free at [link] and open the package :)
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Used here too : [link]
thanks again.
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Thank you for this set of great icons! A whole site based around a 8-bit look would be so awesome.
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Used here: [link] thank you!
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Love these - perfect for a project I'm working on.

Is there any license for these?
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Free for personal use :)
i love this!! very kkkooooolll!!
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very very cute icons, downloaded it. thanks :)
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