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United States
Alaina: my muse, my best friend, my naked bar tender, my partner in crime, my naked trouble maker, exotic sensual creature....

This month marks the five year anniversary since we met and she has changed my life.

Are we in love with each other...yes, but she has a boyfriend and I am married.  We have been in love since we first met and thus began an amazing adventure.

She is in her twenties...and I am nearly forty years older.  I have been with nearly a hundred models over the last fifteen years, but she is my fav.  You can see photos dating back many years of her and my other girls.  I am fascinated by the bond that exists between me, the artist, and these enigmatic creatures, known as models.

I don't like the word models.  I think of them as girls.  Our relationships defy all logic and social custom.  It further amazes me because of the many years that separate our ages.  I have worked with girls from ages 18 to 40.  The girls who are 21 to 24 are the most adventurous.  They are old enough to realize the profound power of their sexuality and their sensual bodies and often want to show how powerful and liberated they can be.  Younger than that they are often less confident and sillier...and well, immature.  Older than that, they check their biological clocks and panic because they are not married.  They go crazy for a ring on their finger and lose the purity of their earlier age. As they get older they can also become quite frightening.  So I like the 21 to 24 year olds the best.  They are the most liberating and fun.

Yes, she is a woman that has stories that happen to her.  Nevertheless, she seems very grounded and does not have the high drama some girls demand.  Perhaps that is why we have continued now for five years!  She is an enigmatic and charismatic woman.  Ever since the first time we met she liked me and was very open.

She actually contacted me first on Model Mayhem, which is very rare for me.  Typically I will contact up to 25 girls at a time if I am looking for new adventures.  Only about 10 will even respond, most ignore me, then about 8 will talk to me for several emails, then evaporate and quit responding.  If I am lucky, one will actually get with me for a session.

When Alaina contacted me in 2009...just about to this date, we set up a shoot.  She sent me her phone and we actually talked several times.  When the appointed day came, she totally did not show.  No call, no email...silence.  This is fairly typical, so, yes I was angry because I had traveled to my studio and spent time preparing, etc.  Several days went by and I got over my anger, so I persisted and eventually after about a week she responded.  So we set another date.

The big day came and I was excited.  She totally flaked again.  No email or call...just silence.  I got angry again and decided she was a total flake.  I cooled down and kept thinking how much I wanted to see her naked, so I contacted her again. After about a week, she responded and we set up another date.

Finally she showed up!  She has no car, so she told me her mother would drop her off at my studio.  Now this did not make me comfortable.  I have met several model's mothers, so I was nervous....


...yes, even though she flaked on me twice, I felt it was worth another try.  When she finally contacted me again, she was so honest and genuinely friendly, my anger towards her evaporated and I was so happy to get another chance, maybe.

Later she would tell me that she always flakes on a new photographer just to see if he is really serious about working with her.  She likes to go through a period of talking to him before they meet to be sure they are not creeps or weirdos.  I passed the test and from then on she has been very faithful.  That is one of her enduring characteristics; she is very loyal to her friends.  If she trusts you and makes you part of her life, then you are her long term buddy.  So far we have been together five years which is far longer than any other artist/model relationship I have had.

On the appointed day her mother dropped her off at the building where my studio was and she knocked on my door.  We did the typical nervous chatter when model and photographer first meet.  Immediately she put me at ease.  Her beauty was breathtaking.  She had all the full bloom of a young woman in her twenty first year of life.  Perfectly smooth and vibrant skin, blushing cheeks, full lips and luxuriously long, dark, thick hair.  Her eyes were large and bright and she spoke with animated excitement.  Long slender fingers were crowned with blood-red fingernail polish and her lips were adorned with glossy-red lipstick.

When I asked her if she was ready, she began to undo her jeans and slide them down her silky long thighs.  Next came the panties which had the word "Single" printed on them, then she pulled off her halter top, then reached behind her to undo her bra which released two perky and perfectly shaped breasts with slightly up-tilted nipples.  I took a breath.

"Let's put you in these red stilettos,"  I said, and handed them to her trying to hide my trembling hands.  I told her she could put on the macrame top that she brought in order for her to get used to being naked with me, so she did, and then she sat on a wooden chair facing me with her nipples peeking through the mesh and with her lower body bare wearing the red heels.  She lit a cigarette, smiled and we began to chat.  Soon she began talking about sex; her favorite pastime.

Alaina loves sex and everything sexual and sensual.  Soon she peeled off the macrame top and sat before me happily talking about what kind of sex she liked.  I prodded her to give me more details.  She told me stories and we laughed and I began shooting.  

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