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Rotten Apple

rotten to the core
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adorable drawing
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thanks babegrrrl!
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I really like this. Good colors
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Brush it off a bit and it's still good :D

Nice. I like the rotten apple's autumn red colours. But no maggots?!

Do you have any work with inkwash?
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I actually had maggots in my thumbs but opted out of them! Ahh, great minds...tend to forget the end of cliches...

I used inkwashes in my earlier work from a couple of years back, but had since grew away from it. The highlights in the 'Five Frogs' actually were inkwashes in the original, but I opted out of the effect and upped the contrast to an extreme to get a flatter, bolder look.

Thanks for taking a look, Hpop!

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lawl. Well, they do happen to eat decomposing matter. It may be a cliche but it's also accurate. How about compromising on earthworms? :P They eat this stuff too. :D

You got a nice effect from the frogs; not exactly sure if that can work to the same effect for other works, but it worked well there.

No worries. I look - and that's about all I do :P
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fantastic drawing
whats the media?
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Thanks phattony227, it's ink and brush for the linework and all the colours were done in photoshop.
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