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.LGBT Pride Month.

By stifledhare
I love you, Obama~ ;O; Thank you.

I could probably make a better stamp than this, and I might. But for now, this is good. x3

If this isn't your cup of tea, no need to comment. Thanks. ;D
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o look it's my favorite month
Buniis's avatar
kirbyfan2377's avatar
My birthday is on the 16th of June and I'm a lesbian!!!!!
Dagger-Heart's avatar
Pffffft my birthday is the first of June... And I'm bi *A*
severinelovescricket's avatar
my birthday is the secound of june and im a lesbian. its so perfect.
xXOtakuChanXx's avatar
I was born in pride month! :D
And I'm Bi!
I'm so happy!!!
nocoisreal's avatar
is it just the 2009 June or every June......sorry my brain refuses to function properly.....
stifledhare's avatar
I want to say it's every June. But I'll have to check up on it. Kind of silly to me to declare for just that one year. >O So says I.
nocoisreal's avatar
true idk....i felt stupid asking but curiosity took the best of me.....maybe i should stop being lazy and look it up myself lol
i love it my bday is in june and im openly bi so lol :):):):)
XxDontxTrustxMexX's avatar
I'm gonna try to be there for the march on June 27th! :iconimhappyplz:

I'll try to get someone to bring me. I'm 13, bi and proud of it~

"Gay, straight, black or white, marriage is a Civil right!" <--- I saw that sign in a pic, I forget where, but I like the rhyme x3
kirbyfan2377's avatar
I'm 13 too, and I'm lesbian!!!!!
kirbyfan2377's avatar
Thank god I live in Florida!!
Mercy-Von-Hail-XVI's avatar
Ooh, that's so cool! I would use it.
LupinePyrefly's avatar
I'm still getting used to the change. For the last eight years, it's been "The president declared something. *grumblemumble*" Now it's "The president declared something! Wh00t!"

It makes me happy.
stifledhare's avatar
It makes me happy too~ x3
I'm looking forward to many more good things. >O
Drapanda's avatar
OMG I love it!! *O* yayayay!! I would use it if I could :iconnotimpressedplz:

stifledhare's avatar
Yay, thank you~ x)
I wish I could use stamps too. I have so many of them collected. xDD
Drapanda's avatar
I only have them faved 'cause I'm not really familiar with that collection stuff :P

you're welcome :iconblushingplz:
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