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Lady Ink Monster Form by Stiffy76 Lady Ink Monster Form :iconstiffy76:Stiffy76 1 0 Wight by Stiffy76 Wight :iconstiffy76:Stiffy76 3 5 Black by Stiffy76 Black :iconstiffy76:Stiffy76 3 2 Lady Ink by Stiffy76 Lady Ink :iconstiffy76:Stiffy76 2 7
The odd tree (mystery skulls Shiromori T.G)
Our story begins in a small town were a teenage boy named Izamu lived. He had short black hair, olive skin, hazel eyes, wearing a short sleeved black shirt along with a hoodie with a zipper on the front, blue jeans, and old sneakers. He worked as a grounds keeper of an old garden next to an old shrine. The garden had been around since the Sengoku period.
Izamu: *Walking into the garden carrying gardening tools* Welp here I am little gals or guys. I need to make up better nicknames for you all. ^_^"
Izamu enjoyed working in the garden and bringing it to its full glory. Even though the shrine maidens warned him not to go into the forest part of the garden. They said it was dangerous and and that evil spirits lived in it. Thou he didn't care much about spirits and only just working on the garden.
Izamu: Hmhmhmh~ *Tending to the camellia flowers* There you got little ones, hmm wait... *Noticing some of the flowers are going missing and then A Gopher popping out of the ground nibbling on on
:iconstiffy76:Stiffy76 3 6
My new p.c by Stiffy76 My new p.c :iconstiffy76:Stiffy76 1 3 Sakuya Need Sleep by Stiffy76 Sakuya Need Sleep :iconstiffy76:Stiffy76 1 2
the cursed circus part 4
Jasmine awoke to the sound of her alarm clock. She had cold sweat and her heart was racing as if she was surprised from a very good hunted house. 
“Was that all… a dream?” Jasmine thought to herself. It did feel like she was there, but all that can’t be real right? The dare, the ruins, the fox woman, and her two friends dying. Then she heard her mother calling her name, It was just a dream. Nothing can be more real than a mother voice calling your name.
Jasmine get out of bed, removed her clothes in the bathroom, took a shower, brushed her teeth and got dressed. She lived in a one floor house, the outside paint was a common white with blue mixed in. The window frames were eyes catching, her mom had a small garden out front she tends after work or during her days off on Saturday. Inside starting with the top floor, is a single bathroom and two bedrooms, her room is, well, your typical teen girl’s room, 
:iconstiffy76:Stiffy76 1 2
Internally Screaming (Waring foul language) by Stiffy76 Internally Screaming (Waring foul language) :iconstiffy76:Stiffy76 3 11
the cursed circus part 3
    The fox woman was ready to pounce. Prepared to strike them, “last chance kid`s give back my watch or DIE!” said the woman. Jasmine`s mind began to think rapidly “O-okay all I have to do is give her watch, that's all I need to do…” She reached slowly into her pocket to get the watch until her hand froze when Oliver screamed out. “RUN YOU TWO I`LL HOLD HER OFF!” Oliver said running at the woman with a piece of old wood with some nails sticking out of it. The woman pounced back a bit dogging the attacking Oliver. Jasmine was about to speak up to tell Oliver to stop but Kim quickly grabbed jasmine and pulled on her to run to the large tent.
                Jasmine tried to break free from Kim`s grip. “LET ME GO KIM WE NEED TO GO BACK FOR OLIVER!!!” Yelled Jasmine. “SCREW THAT WE ARE GETTING OUT HERE b-besides, Oliver is a football
:iconstiffy76:Stiffy76 2 8
Anita nares by Stiffy76 Anita nares :iconstiffy76:Stiffy76 4 5
The cursed circus (part two)
    The three stand there frozen like statues. Scared to say anything or move. But then jasmine spoke up “well… lets walk in there.” The jasmine takes the first step inside the circus border. Then another and another. Now past the welcome sign. “See nothing bad happen… come on you two” said jasmine. Kim and Oliver followed Jasmine. The three walked toward the tent. But then Oliver stop to see an old strong man game. Oliver said to the girls “hey girls check these old thing out” he walks over towards it. The girls stop to see what’s up.
“You girls think I can ring the old bell on these thing?” said Oliver. “Sure I don’t mind” said Kim. Jasmine nod to watch two. Oliver pick up an old mallet. He rubs his hands and takes a breath. Then with all his might he swings the mallet over his head! “WHAM” the small rod shoots up like a rock and “DING”. “YEAH!!! I AM THE C
:iconstiffy76:Stiffy76 1 2
The cursed circus (part one)
    The year is 2014, middle of October, morning afternoon. In a high school a small group of friends are talking about the cursed circus. Jazmine the main character. Is a soft more girl at the age of 15. She has brown hair, olive skin, and small freckles on her face. She a smart girl almost a strait A student but has difficulty in sciences class. John a junior student at the age of 17. He’s male, olive skin, black hair that covers his forehead, he all was where’s a hoody with some name of a rock band embroidered on the back. He’s a bit of an emo kid but he’s a nice guy to talk with. Oliver a soft more age 16. Is a male, olive with a bit of tan, short cut hair, with bulky muscle. He your typical football jockey, and can be a bit rude at times. But still a nice guy when he has a cool head. Kim a freshmen age 14, female, pal skin, red hair, wears glasses. She a bit nerdy and all was face in books. Phil a senior age 18. Male, brown hair, olive skin,
:iconstiffy76:Stiffy76 1 0
the cursed circus (prologue)
    This is a story about a circus but these my friend`s is not your happy creepy clowns or the unsure feeling of safe rides that have may or not be tested. No these is a circus has been cursed by witch. Doomed for anyone who inter it these once proud place. Let me tell you the legend of how these circus came to be… and who will be foolish to ignore these legend.    
The circus was founded by women from japan named Akia Fuyu in 1920. She named the circus “The full moon”.  Original from japan she moved it to the U.S to find more talent and to show world culture. The circus became a big hit in the U.S. with its unique look, talent, show, animal’s, and grate food. On each full moon the circus throws a big firework show that said can be seen over 500 miles! But sadly the good times came to a short end when “she” appeared.
    A rich women with powerful connection or some say witch with dark
:iconstiffy76:Stiffy76 2 0
happy birthday sparkz by Stiffy76 happy birthday sparkz :iconstiffy76:Stiffy76 2 4 Green Apple Soda by Stiffy76 Green Apple Soda :iconstiffy76:Stiffy76 0 1


Floof by Bluyidark Floof :iconbluyidark:Bluyidark 23 1 Neo Politan's precious little life by ari-6 Neo Politan's precious little life :iconari-6:ari-6 331 11 Zabel Zarock by MichaelJLarson Zabel Zarock :iconmichaeljlarson:MichaelJLarson 40 6 Trader Lydia - Dumb Funny Meme by Dragon-FangX Trader Lydia - Dumb Funny Meme :icondragon-fangx:Dragon-FangX 63 31 Comic - Language Barrier by AuroraArtz Comic - Language Barrier :iconauroraartz:AuroraArtz 47 7 Kiriban 4,444,444 by MentalCrash Kiriban 4,444,444 :iconmentalcrash:MentalCrash 163 151 Vinekoma- What We Do in the Shadows by TobiObito4ever Vinekoma- What We Do in the Shadows :icontobiobito4ever:TobiObito4ever 18 3 Lord Raptor T-Poses for Hsien-Ko by cherringo-sama Lord Raptor T-Poses for Hsien-Ko :iconcherringo-sama:cherringo-sama 11 2 How to Make Danmaku by DipoTheTem How to Make Danmaku :icondipothetem:DipoTheTem 18 3 Hsien-Ko (Lei-Lei) by F-LAO Hsien-Ko (Lei-Lei) :iconf-lao:F-LAO 55 5 P: Lei Lei by Sketchcee P: Lei Lei :iconsketchcee:Sketchcee 12 1 Lei-Lei / Hsien-Ko by emilysgt9 Lei-Lei / Hsien-Ko :iconemilysgt9:emilysgt9 10 0 Lei Lei by Kiritzugu Lei Lei :iconkiritzugu:Kiritzugu 18 0 Darkstalkers - Hsien-Ko/Lei Lei by hugostar57 Darkstalkers - Hsien-Ko/Lei Lei :iconhugostar57:hugostar57 6 0 Vampire Lei-Lei (Hsien-Ko) by JonathanFlow29 Vampire Lei-Lei (Hsien-Ko) :iconjonathanflow29:JonathanFlow29 3 3 Lei-Lei by DANMAKUMAN Lei-Lei :icondanmakuman:DANMAKUMAN 357 17
lately i have been thinking of innocent toys or old 1930`s cartoons and turning them into dark corrupt magical spices.... am i going goth or crazy? if its crazy then i don't mind  Rena Crazy Icon 

like using the 1930`s cartoon as being who so purposes is to T.F and/or T.G people into black & wight toons 

i was interested in the idea of toy monsters people that being my old oc Kathy purple bare 

my story cant talk much cause its still in its early stage 

and lately thous dolls called lalalopise dolls. where they abduct people and turned them into horrifying doll girls look like the lalalopsie

like i said.... i might be goth or insane. come on i dare you give me childhood thing and i can thing of some the horrifying thing that make you scared of it :bademoticon: 


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witch of potion (not really)
United States
i love anime and vido games.
i dig the maids and witch`s >w<
im vary down too earth guy. and calm
i love the Victoria era wars

IM a darkstalkers, touhou, and madoka magic fan

RP accounts
:iconbadluckandfoxtails: :iconperfect-and-elegant: :iconmami-tome:

people that i like about


Favorite genre of music: some thing epic
Favorite style of art: drawling
Favorite character: mami tomoe from madoka magica
Personal Quote: OH GOD WHY!



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