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Megatron was here

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Took this photo at Botcon Malaysia 2007. Let me give you some advice though. Never drive a red car. It's bad fung shui. People always die in a red car.
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Oh, dear! I hope that red car is not Knockout in disguise by the way! Awesome photo, bud! XD
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you lucky. you were once on a BotCon make? oh damn wants sometimes. >w<
cool photo by the way. XD
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wow i was looking all over the place for this picture. Thanks!
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Do you really believe in fung shui ?
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i bet megatron sat on it and he though it was a car chair :lol:
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lol Looks like Geico doesn't have Megatron insurance.
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red it!!!
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thats a good one
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your welcome and i thought it was funny to
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Don't tick off a guy that has been frozen for several thousand years. He needs to find a place park, because that is one loooooong pee.
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LOL that's amazing. :+fav: Megatron never fails. :)
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That's odd about red cars. 'Cause for me, red cars have always been good luck. They've always taken care of us. Then again, that could be a higher power, and the colour is just coincidence. But if that's the case, then the theory about red cars being bad feng shui would be moot, anyway.
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Maybe. But where I'm currently from(Malaysia), red bringing good luck only applies to clothes and furniture. And we also get a lot of car accidents here and the fatal accidents always involved red cars.
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there was a botcon in malaysia!?!
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Yeah, it took place at cineleisure.
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I'm......gonna........die?!? :omg:
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feel bad for the sucker who has to fill out all those insurance forms!
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