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SS - Tea Party With Uncle Bats

I skipped out on schoolwork because of this. Oh well, not a big deal.

Anywho, anyone who has finished/are relatively far in Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword should recognize this interesting pair. And, in all honesty, out of all the LOZ kids I've seen so far, Kukiel is absolutely the most precious/adorable/cute one of the bunch. Seriously, she would possibly have Batreaux sit down with her and have introductions over a tea party and then make him take her flying.

And Batreaux is pretty adorable himself, in a weird, perky, sort of warbed Chuckie Finster kind of way.

p.s. I know Batreaux is associated with bats, but I had already drawn the table and such out and didn't want to change it.
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Super cute scene!

I hope that you have a great and blessed day/night!
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Possibly the cutest moments of the gam was meeting this guy~
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I think Bat is so cute:') I think he's one of my favourite Skyloft residents.
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I like the nickname the girl gives him to XD 
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There were so many characters in this game that were absolutely adorable :)
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Yes there were. I loved Kukiel and her family. Her dad made me laugh just by looking at him.
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IKR? every zelda game has that one funny looking one XD
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Eeeeh! So cute!! >w<
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haha cute! ^_^ i really like this!

(i'm also happy that someone in these groups has FINALLY made something non-Link/Zelda/Pipit related.. lol i get so sick and tired of seeing only link, zelda, or pipit... haha)
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Thanks! (I know, I love Link, Zelda, and Pipit, but the rest of the Skyloftian's have so much personality to them! I really would like to draw more of them, just need to do so.)
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You're welcome! (Yeah I like the other Skyloftians a lot~ One of my favorites is Cawlin. Haha don't think I'm weird for liking him. I just like his attitude. :D )
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