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Oops! So this piece was here for a while, but I accidentally deleted it. So here it is again
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tarpalsfan Featured By Owner May 22, 2010
May I ask what source(reference) you used?
Your figures look familiar
to me.
I esp. like the profile:clap:

Something else too-no
charioso(I didn't spell that right:( ) I don't dislike
charioso(sp) but I find
that your lines are cleaner and easier to understand.
At least for me!

Thank you for sharing
this! from tarp
StickWilde Featured By Owner May 23, 2010
Your welcome. It's all about the karma in my book. Plus I also believe in freedom of information. So I have to hold myself to that standard as well. Most artist get hung on trying to not get copied by others and don't realize that they are being hypocrites. Because like the old saying..."There isn't anything new under the sun."

As for those poses. I copied (studied/drew) them out of a book dedicated to just male anatomy. I can't remember the name exactly (other then it had Male anatomy in the name). It was a part of a whole series that covered everyone individually (females, child, etc). It's fairly common and I think most libraries have it(that's where I found it at least).

Sorry didn't catch the "Charioso" reference. But it's all good, I'm a writer and a rotten speller too.
tarpalsfan Featured By Owner May 23, 2010
The reason I asked about the reference(looking familiar)is that I have several art anatomy by Giovanni Civardi-maybe from Drawing Human Anatomy?
Anyway, I have 3 of Civardi's many books-they are all
excellent, I think that
where I saw
a simular

As for using reference to draw from? I have no problem with that, I have a libray for of How to Draw(lol) and use them. I use tutorials too. They are great tools and I applaud the artist who share them.

About copying, that's a can of worms. I draw a little fanart. that's copying someone elses charecter. I use one of the above artbooks-what am I doing there? Yet, when I draw something mine...that's another story. Fickle aren't I? I'd be pissed if I saw one of my meager scrbbles with someone elses signature on it.

Anyway, fascinating thoughts!
StickWilde Featured By Owner May 23, 2010
I think that might be the series, the name sounds familiar. If they are white background covers then that's probably it. I use a lot different outlets (as all artist should do, really) for reference. So I don't feel like using "how to draw" books is something that's beneath an artist (like others do), and in fact have an extensive collect myself too.

As for the last two parts, I agree that if someone took someone else artwork and made no changes other than the signature; that it is plagiarism and is wrong. However with that said, even the smallest change to an existing piece, placed by another artist makes it technically a new piece of art.

The whole art movement called DaDa is loosely based off that principle. That once the art is created and shown to at least one other person, the artist has no control over it anymore. Because it's become part of the collective conscience of the world. For example look at Marcel Duchamp, he took DaVinci's Mona Lisa in the late 1800s and add a mustache to it. Now he consider to be one of the forefathers of modern art.

I think to many artist get trapped by the belief..."that art makes me special cause I can do this and others can't" Which is true...but I counter with...Can you preform open heart surgery, no? Do we know what the best route is to get someone to the airport in LA at 5pm? Probably not unless the artist moonlights as a Taxi driver. My point being is that what make artist the same things that make anyone else good at what they do. Passion, commitment, determination, etc... So in the end really we aren't that special as artist.
tarpalsfan Featured By Owner May 23, 2010
That sounds like the Civardi books( some anyway).

As for reference, I can't draw what I don't know-so I love my art instruction books-and I use them too!

I don't know much about the DADA movement. I don't know if that's a good thing or a bad thing;)

I guess the open heart surgery and to the airport thing kinda goes with"I can't draw what I don't know."

After all that study(those many art instruction books) and hopefully learning something-I hope to develope a style unique to myself even if I do use reference.

Anyway, time to go to the drawing table and dig those Civardi books out of the shelf!

Thanks for stimulating the ol'brain!

from Kathryn
StickWilde Featured By Owner May 30, 2010
glad I could inspire.
tarpalsfan Featured By Owner May 30, 2010
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