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when foxes collide in the ring by stickpge
Mature content
when foxes collide in the ring :iconstickpge:stickpge 86 2
on the gallian front (by SatoshiTakeo) by stickpge on the gallian front (by SatoshiTakeo) :iconstickpge:stickpge 4 3
Mature content
Fio Germi Ko post (by Mastersaruwatari) :iconstickpge:stickpge 2 1
Fluttershy KO post (by MasterSaruwatari)
Fairytale Fantasy was a boxing gym owned by Nurse Joy and Luna. It attracted many girls from all over to study the sweet science of boxing. Fluttershy and Dawn were two of the many girls that this gym attracted. These two started off as friends but quickly became rivals. After months of rough spars and underhanded comments, both girls finally decided to settle it with an official bout in the gym. Both girls declaring that they will win by knockout.
News of this spread quickly, and both Nurse Joy and Luna took an interest in this fight. They were able to really to move tickets well. They were even able to turn this into a night local event for everyone in the city since nearly everyone knew these girls. This could really up the gym on the mat, since they have been having trouble producing champions as of late from their gym.
When fight day came, the gym was packed to the brim. It seems everyone in the city there. Nurse Joy and Luna made sure the fight was on the local sport channel avai
:iconstickpge:stickpge 9 2
Sarah fox vs drow ranger(dota 2) by Satoshitakeo by stickpge Sarah fox vs drow ranger(dota 2) by Satoshitakeo :iconstickpge:stickpge 15 1 Sarah fox vs Fluttershy (by jose-ramiro) by stickpge Sarah fox vs Fluttershy (by jose-ramiro) :iconstickpge:stickpge 7 0 my airsoft face and gear by stickpge my airsoft face and gear :iconstickpge:stickpge 7 10 Sarah fox's Second attire (by SatoshiTakeo) by stickpge Sarah fox's Second attire (by SatoshiTakeo) :iconstickpge:stickpge 16 13
Sarah fox vs Selene strike
A ready 2 rumble boxing fanfic
It was a busy evening in the theather school in Flevoland as today a boxing event was hosted there, professional and amateurs of high rank were thrown into one big match up.
One of these fights was Selene strike vs Sarah fox which although not highly hyped it was interesting in how the two reacted to the press.
Selene had quickly dismissed Sarah every time she was brought up by a reported or journalist, noting her as nothing but "A girl that tries to bite of more than she can chew, and I'm gonna show her what boxing is all about"
Sarah meanwhile had been unable to be contacted by reporters for rebuttal, she was always busy with training or military duties and when she was available she often didn't respond for long, stating simply "I have nothing to say to the press you all know when the fight is just watch that and you and I will see what happens"
"Ladies and Gentlemen, boys and girls...  LET'S GET READY TO RUMBLE!!" Micheal buffer Called as he wave
:iconstickpge:stickpge 12 4
Mature content
Request Amy rose VS Sally acorn :iconstickpge:stickpge 28 2
Sarah Fox vs princess luna
*earth, holland*
"Have a good night Fox" one of the guards at the entrance of the Oirschot army base said as he checked Sarah's I'd card and opened the gates.
"Thanks frank have a good shift" Sarah replied as she drove off in her ww2 army jeep.
Frank smiled as he waved and walked back into the guard station.
"538 news headlines..." The radio said silently as Sarah began driving home, the moon full and the skies clear.
Sarah wasn't really paying attention to the radio as she switched gears and increased speed as she drove past Best.
And not five minutes after she had past best she was bathed in a bright blue light.
*Canterlot castle, Eqeustria*
"Have a good night dear sister" Luna said as she walked into her chambers.
"A peaceful night it would seem, good" Luna said with a smile as she began casting a spell.
"Time for a game of sports" Luna said as she finished her spell and she stepped through a portal into a arena of some kinds it was nearly pitch black inside the only thing li
:iconstickpge:stickpge 9 0
A fight between allies
(Small notice I'm not an american so I know little about its military procedures in terms of uniforms and the likes so keep that in mind plz)
"A nice day" thats what Sarah thought as she did her morning jog across the base before the days schedule, her red hair bouncing back and worth across her vision from time to time.
"Good morning Fox" one of her squad mates said as she ran past
"Morning!" She replied as she continued on past the armory back towards the living area.
"Good morning Sarah" Sarah's sargeant said as she ran past him "REMEMBER 9 O'clock at the truck depot!" He called after her as she ran inside.
"ROGER!" She called back as she ran upstairs into her room sitting down panting a bit.
Sarah rested for a few minutes before showering and changing into her uniform tying her hair into a knot as she grabbed her bags, her barrette and glasses and headed out locking the door behind her.
*a few minutes later at the truck depot*
"Okay people listen up our task for today is very simpl
:iconstickpge:stickpge 4 0
Sarah Fox boxing profile
Shara's boxing profile
Nickname: the wall of holland
Stance: Orthodox
Height: 1.80 meters long or 5ft 11inch)
Weight: 67 KG (or 147 LBS)
Age: 20
General weight class: middleweight
Military fight record: 55W-25L-8D-11 KO
Civilian fight record 9W-0L-1D-1KO
Underground record 2W-4L-1D-0 KO
Boxing style: out boxer (by necessity as opposed to anything else), counterpuncher, defender (hybrid)
Defense style: adaptable (changes based on opponents attacks and tactics)
Favorite punch: right cross (also her most powerful normal punch)
Sunday punch: a hard kiss of death, two quick left jabs and a kiss on her right glove after which she throws a big right cross to the head.
Favorite combination: a quick jab to the nose followed by a heavy right cross and an upper cut to the body after which she digs in behind her defenses and prepares for any counter attacks.
Weaknesses: her eyes as she quickly gets blurred vision which makes her punches inaccurate and her easy to trap, the closer an opponent gets
:iconstickpge:stickpge 5 0
Bio Sarah Fox
Sarah's bio
Personal info and appearance
(Short) Name: Sarah fox
(Full) Name: Sarah, Marry, teresa, fox
(Nick) name: Bloody Mary (due to her hair color and hobby but she gets angry when shes called this and that can lead to quite amusing situations)
Born: 12th of august. 1993
Age: 20
Sex: Female
Notable features: wears a pair of glasses, her hair if she doesn't color it, light freckles on her nose, usually wears a barret.
Sexual preference: Bisexual.
Family: two sisters; Naomi who's the oldest and four years older than sarah, Anastasia is the second oldest and two years older than sarah, her father Frank, and her mother Lilith
Friends: most of her squad mates, Suki (owned by zoradrifter44), Jen (same), Asaga (again)  her family.
Size measurements: 1,80 M (5 ft 10 inch) making her a full 5 to 7 CM taller than her two older sisters
Weight: 67 KG (147 LBS)
Blood type: A+
Current relationship: in a relation with Asaga (character owned by Zoradrifter44)
Hair style: short and messy, alt
:iconstickpge:stickpge 2 0
Mature content
Request pinkie vs gilda :iconstickpge:stickpge 16 3
sarah Fox by stickpge sarah Fox :iconstickpge:stickpge 0 0
check my gallery out


The thieves by Kate-FoX The thieves :iconkate-fox:Kate-FoX 11,612 244 Fighters (C) by NessieUsagi Fighters (C) :iconnessieusagi:NessieUsagi 10 1 Ingrid Vs Cassandra by darthmaul710
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Ingrid Vs Cassandra :icondarthmaul710:darthmaul710 171 7
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 (1) by fangogogo (1) :iconfangogogo:fangogogo 636 12
Commission Info
KO Posts
They are still around and people still have me doing them. I'm just going update the information. 
-No points. I will only take cash via paypal and google wallet. I may also take money cash app I found on my phone one day. 
-KO Posts are just setting up for the knockout and are not a full fight. They are quick.
-Any form of combat sport here is okay.
-Topless is fine, but characters have to be 18 or older. Also, no I won't accept older versions of younger characters. 
-Mixed boxing is okay too. I got zero problems with that. 
-POV boxing is okay! 
-If you are using someone's else OC you must get their written permission and provide a screencap to me. 
-I would like the money after I'm done. 
-I will need this list of information for the KO Post. Clear references of the characters, attires, outcome(Who is winning and who is getting knocked out), setting, and anything else you think is important. 
-The commission can be private. 
:iconmastersaruwatari:MasterSaruwatari 6 16
Size Comparison - Science Fiction Spaceships by DirkLoechel Size Comparison - Science Fiction Spaceships :icondirkloechel:DirkLoechel 38,833 8,936 OC Request- Lilly Edelweiss and Avaline Crescend  by ThatCartoonGal OC Request- Lilly Edelweiss and Avaline Crescend :iconthatcartoongal:ThatCartoonGal 11 0



One hundred opponents fun challenge

So recently I've been thinking about some fun thing I could write that would be a serious creative challenge then this came to mind based on survival modes in some fighting games or 100-man kumite in some karate forms so I decided to build a challenge around it with slightly bendable rules.

And if your interested try it out.


The local can be anything so long as it supports the 100 match format so holo rings, simulation decks, holographic projection rooms etc would work best, but magical places or places with warped realities can work as well, think the warp from warhammer or the chamber of need from harry potter

Just as a heads up EVERY fight needs to be shown so it might be smart to split up the story into multiple parts

Rules for:


-Can me male or female

-Has to be a boxer (any boxing sport is allowed K1, kickboxing, Thai boxing no difference) MMA AND KARATE are excluded due to their vastly different rule sets but can be used if only MMA or karate fighters are the opponents.

-Can only be an OC you made or own.

-no super powers unless opponents get the same treatment.


-Opponents can male of female.

-every opponent needs to be rudimentary described as in name, gender, looks, hair color and style, boxing gear beyond that either go further or leave it at that.

-OC's of others can be used but only under two circumstances, one you have permission two you credit the maker in the description.

-opponents can be naked, topless, scantily clad, however if so opponents cannot be under aged as in they have to be at least 18+ regardless of locale.

-opponents can only fight in the sport of choosing A.I if your protagonist is a boxer only boxing is allowed (exceptions are there but will be explained in the round rules).

-opponents can be any current, long dead boxer or fictional ones (think mohammed ali in his prime or rocky)

-opponents can be any form of human so anthro animals are allowed so long as their human enough to use boxing gloves and not walk on all fours (obviouslY) think animal boxing if you need an idea


-every round is 3 min, can be longer but not shorter

-in between rounds is a 5 min break, again can be altered in either way.

-every opponent lasts for one round after which a new one comes in.

-the protagonist can be knocked down three times until a TKO, or till the count of ten

-opponents need to be only knocked down for a TKO, can be changed to a ten count only or other knock down rules if other sports are used.

-every tenth round rules will be free for your choosing so erotic, topless, sudden change of boxing type, super powered opponents, etc, and will last that round with the exception of round 100 which will have its own little rules.

-every twenty five rounds the opponent will be a clone of the OC beginning with a complete mirror match (clone will have same damage and levels of fatigue as the protagonist with subsequent ones becoming more adapted to them although fatigue remains a factor but less and less so.

-Difficulty curve for opponents would optimally be similar to this; easy (people who start their boxing careers) medium (opponents are veterans  and are more adapted to the protagonist) hard (opponents know a lot about the protagonists style and its flaws and will take advantage where possible) insane (opponents will be high class fighters including champions and will be very well informed about the flaws of the protagonist)

Last round

-the last round will be the protagonist against what can only be described as the best version of themselves, imagine your protagonist having been trained in the utmost best way possible down to the tiniest detail.

-last round lasts until either party is KO either through ten count or triple knockdown.

-special rules are optional here but discouraged.

-the clone maybe put in any out fit of your choosing and doesn't need to be an exact mirror

-the clone is near fully healed up if slightly winded.

-the clone needs to be beatable no matter what.

Beyond this any rules you wanna add yourself go right ahead, feel like I missed something let me know, something unclear ask away and I will get back to you ASAP

Until then this is Stickpge signing off

side note: I will do this myself aswell so hopefully that will be out in the future, so I here by reqeust if I can use a readers OC if so give me a shout via note as Making 97 characters is very hard even for a nutcase like me


stickpge's Profile Picture
Full name: Robin.Scheide
Sex: Male
Age: 19
current occupation: different kinds of local jobs

Hobbies: soon to be airsoft, paintball, collecting military gear, RP as of recently, gaming, writing, being a gaint coward when it come to asking almost anyone on deviantart anything directly

Current Residence: almere, flevoland,holland
Operating System: pc, laptop, ipad
Favourite cartoon character: miles "tails" prowler
Personal Quote: War shall not stop as long as the universe is there

And please stop with the thanks for the favs messages as they kind of spam my message box rrom time to time


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