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Thanos from Fortnite
Property of Epic Games, Marvel and Disney
I do not own anything.
Use for in-character fanart only.


* Helmet is optional.
* Thanks to grazekai for the pose.
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© 2018 - 2021 Sticklove
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you can also import XPS models to blender using this plugin

SirNightwolfArtist's avatar

I'm already doing a blender version of it

InfiniteThanos67's avatar

Do you have plans on extracting another Fortnite character model like these two?

daves2012's avatar
perfectly balanced!!!!
ryanjoseph17's avatar
is this will work garry mod????
ryanjoseph17's avatar
nevermind I got error thanos then already fix now
Sticklove's avatar
No, you will have to get someone to convert it.
catonfire26's avatar
can you do shin hisako from killer instinct?
leomon32's avatar
Awesome, I heard it's hard to port models from that game right ? I haven't see many =T
Sticklove's avatar
It's annoying to extract them, but easy to port.
leomon32's avatar
Ha ha ha that's why I guess^^
lordmuda's avatar
I just love this, mmmm...
kiteazure's avatar
good job with Dione model
GamrNrd1977's avatar
Thanos is awesome :D
ZoraCatone's avatar
Thank you for this. :)
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SCREW YOU, THANOS!!!!!!!!!!!!
Slendercell-2's avatar
Knew this was gonna happen
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