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Mortal Kombat X - Scorpion Costume A

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- Works with the newest version of XPS.
- Includes Scorpion's official render/European collector's statue pose as seen in the preview image
- For in-character, fanart use only. You are not allowed to make money with this model in ANY WAY!
 That includes poses, renders, commissions or anything like that. I cannot stress this hard enough!
- Do NOT re-upload/re-distribute please! If the link goes down please notify me (iheartibuki) on the Sticklove forums.
- Any bugs? Please notify me on the Sticklove forums.


Select Scorpion's model and press A in XPS to show all optional items:

1) mask - base mask - so you can see Scorpion's mug, toggled by default
2) infskulll - Inferno variation skull left, not toggled by default
3) infskullr - Inferno variation skull right, not toggled by default
4) nswordbl - Ninjutsu sword back left, not toggled by default
5) nswordbr - Ninjutsu sword back right, not toggled by default
6) nswordal - Ninjutsu sword arm left, not toggled by default
7) nswordar - Ninjutsu sword arm right, not toggled by default

Accessories are a separate download and include:

1) Inferno_Minion - Scorpion's trusty pal when you select his Inferno variation
2) Inferno_Skull - Scorpion's Inferno variation skull that summons the above, included as a separate item
3) Ninjutsu Sword - Scorpion's Ninjutsu variation katana, included as a separate item
4) Spearhead - Scorpion's infamous "Get over here!" spear head.
5) Spear - same as above, except this one's got chains. All chains are optional items, you can toggle two
          chains at a time. This will allow you to shorten and lengthen your chain links to your liking.
          Even the spear head is optional so you can link chains to your heart's content.

Scorpion, his in-game 3D model, his accessories, Mortal Kombat X and the MK brand are all property of Netherrealm Studios/WB Games
No copyright infringement intended.

Many, many thanks to deronzar for extracting Scorpion's model, and to good ol' gramps for extracting his trait/variation parts. Thanks to Dazzeh for forwarding the files.


Scorpion A:…
Scorpion's Accessories:…
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