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Lightning (XIII-2)

By Sticklove
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Lightning (XIII-2) from Dissidia Final Fantasy NT
Property of Square Enix and Team Ninja
I do not own anything.
Use for in-character fanart only.


* Includes 3 color variations.
* You can get her weapons here:…
* Huge thanks to id-daemon for the files, thanks to GrazeKai for the pose.
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All of her outfits, specifically the last two are so dynamic and awesome!
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ADS-04Student Digital Artist
Amazing job^^
too bad we can't move the 6 purple/gold things :(
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Excellent work!
Thanks very much for sharing.
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Is anyone else having issues with the feathers and the hair when they're loaded into XNALara and Blender?

It's the same with the other Lightning models and I don't know what's causing it.
Light by Bayonet-Tiger

Edit: I figured out how to fix it in Blender and that's to turn "Auto-Smooth" off, Still no idea why it's like that in XNALara.
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Enable back face culling and always force culling, if the checkered-like pattern is what you are talking about.
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Oh wow, I've been having that problem too and your solution worked like a charm.

Thanks for the solution and thanks for the model Sticklove.
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Maybe FFXIII gets a lot of hate (And for good reason), but I'll always love the design of its characters. Specially Lightning.... And since TN give them their "special" touch....Ryuuko Ryuushi Mifune (Moe and feeling love) [V1] Monkey love Juvia Love OMG I LOVE IT plz 

Thank you so much for porting her!!

Downloading NOW!!!!!
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my favorite outfit for her i do so much destruction in that outfit when playing lightning returns lol
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So out of curiosity, I notice on a lot of the dissidia ports that the models have this odd checkered pattern on them that is not on the texture itself, any idea whats causing it?
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What do you mean odd checkered pattern?
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Never mind, I feel a little stupid, My backface culling was turned off, it explains alot now
lengxuefenghun's avatar
thank you for sharing.
could you please export serah?
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This is from Dissidia, Serah isn't in Dissidia. I won't be working on anything from XIII-2 itself.
lengxuefenghun's avatar
ok, i wasn't notice that~thank you anyway
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