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Kitana (Edenian Blue)

Character  Kitana
Kitana (Edenian Blue) from Mortal Kombat 11
Property of Netherrealm Studios
I do not own anything.
Use for in-character fanart only.


Due to the nature of the game's gear system, I have had to make the masks separate from the main model. Each mask has it's own folder, and uses the XPS wardrobe feature.
To make the masks work, you must load the main character model first, then the mask model after. This will allow the mask to move along with the main model.
Each folder has a preview image so you can see which mask you want to use. These masks can be used on any Kitana human variation model I upload, you only need to download them once. The revenant ones use different colors so you have to download those if you intend to use the revenant versions.

Download the masks here:…
Download the fans here:…
Download the sais here:…

Because of how large the textures can be, I have had to reduce the resolution to avoid XPS giving errors and causing issues. I've tried my best to reduce them without affecting the quality of the model much yet allowing it to load. If there is any issues with it loading still please let me know. I have included an "OriginalSizedTextures" 7z file with the full sized textures for the parts I resized (the rest are original sizes) in both the model and gear pieces in case you want to use them in external rendering programs.
I also would like to mention that I would prefer if these models were not used in pornographic images or in anything involving nudity. I know I can't tell you not to, but I spent alot of time working on this, and I would appreciate if you at least consider keeping your art private.
Big thanks to id-daemon for making this possible!

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Awsome job you did
BlueNose1982's avatar
Bow down to Kitana Kahn.
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can i get this on stl??? Would love to print this :)
TafioBarker2's avatar
Man, I really love this. She looks so gorgeous in the game and now I finally solved the problem with the eyes
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How did you get this on the krypt ANYWAY?. I've opened averything at my reach and ... NOTHING!
Rated-R4-Ryan's avatar
If it says krypts, you'll probably have to pay 99,000 coins to the shrine. I've open every heart chest, scorpion chest and normal chest and didn't find it. Only have soul ones left coz I needed it for shinnok's amulet. So it's either the shrine or random in those kronika vaults. Atm I'm still trying to get mask less kitana by paying 75,000 to the shrine
315591701's avatar
IKR? I want Kitana, Jade and Skarlet maskless ... they're beauty queens to put them masks!
Rated-R4-Ryan's avatar
Yeees definitely. It took ages but I just got massless kitana today!!  😁😁😁 so happy
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No idea, don't think I've even managed to grab this one yet,

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Hey sorry if I appear to another one of those constantly pestering ya for request but, unfortunately, I have a request. The reason being I am trying to make a mod for Saints Row IV that contains MK11 content. Below you will find some screenshots I took from a video of someone showing off some kosmetics of certain kharacters. I am sorry if this a lot to do but I just wanna through out my request into the pool of...well...requests lol. I hope to hear from ya soon in regards to my request lol. If not I bid you a good day.

Noob 001 by TheNerdy001  

Noob 002 by TheNerdy001  

Sub-zero 001 by TheNerdy001  

Sub-zero 002 by TheNerdy001  
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Well I'm not taking requests, but I will do all gear for the characters I work on. You might have to wait a while though.
TheNerdy001's avatar
Thank you. Again sort for appearing to be those type of fans who seem to not to get it loll.
TheNerdy001's avatar
Part two lol:

Scorpion 001 by TheNerdy001  

Scorpion 002 by TheNerdy001

Scorpion 003 by TheNerdy001  

Scorpion 004 by TheNerdy001  

Scorpion 005 by TheNerdy001   
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XPS. You have to convert to GMod if you want it in there.

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Great work on this model, looks amazing! Love  I got a quesiton as i'm trying to get Liu Kang to work :-? (Confused) , how do you get the textures to work/display properly? did you convert/edit the ripped textures or rip the textures yourself using ninjaripper?

Looking forward if you're doing more MK11 models :happybounce: 
Sticklove's avatar
It's all done with editing manually, no ripping program grabs them with colors.
Eagle-31's avatar
I've managed to get the ripped .dds textures working through noesis, just need to fix the UV now, but thanks for your reply! :) (Smile)  looking forward if you're doing any more MK11 ports, since i suck at ripping themSweat Emoticon 
judgmentfist's avatar
NICE WORK! this is fantastic. i'm truly impressed (and curious about the xps wardrobe feature, never tried that!) which of the other mk11 models are you planning to do? i've just uploaded cetrion and will be doing geras as well, plus a few more. we could probably split up the work. seriously, this is just phenomenal
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Can You Try And import :
(Cassie Cage )
( Sonya Blade ) (General Attire  ) 
( Jade "Her Human Form ) 
( Skerlet "Her Short Hair Attire ) 

Next ? 
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