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Karin from Street Fighter V
Property of Capcom
I do not own anything.
Use for in-character fanart only.

* Skirt was rigged by me, if there is any clipping, pose the skirt bones next to the ones you posed.
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© 2015 - 2021 Sticklove
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Karin: I am Karin Kanzuki my honor my rich my victory my fighting my love always for world.   
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Nice work! Can you also port Karin's 30th-anniversary kimono costume, please?…
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Sorry, don't think I'll work on anything else from SFV.
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I love her fighting style! 
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Karin has some divine legs
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can you export Laura pleeeeeease ^^
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She isn't in the PC beta yet.
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Kariiiiiiiin *o* thank youuuu .  one question though , why her hair is a little bit greenish ?
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Huh, that was quick. Nice.
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why r u porting my favs
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YaY Karin!!! thank you so much :D
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OMG! Thank you so much! :la:
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Nice! Hopefully Nadeshiko also get ported.
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Considering Mika did, I'd expect it.
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Thanks alot for these! you team are awesome!
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