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Kairi from Kingdom Hearts III
Copyrighted by Square Enix/Disney

Release contains:
- Kairi
- Destiny's Embrace

Included an unconverted.mesh.ascii for use in external rendering programs to avoid bad weights caused by the XPS 4 weights per vertex limit
Huge thanks to id-daemon for making this possible

Please do not use for porn/profit/both

EDIT: Small fixes, please redownload!

Image size
1600x1200px 5.51 MB
© 2019 - 2021 Sticklove
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Hi! I assume you ripped used model, I was wondering how you got the hair and face texures the right colors? All it gives me is square textures in the viewport and when exported, the skin isnt the right color, usually blue. Can you exsplain how you got the textures correct? I know it has something to do with channels and blending based on the txt files, but I’m stumped otherwise!

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does it work on Blander?
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Thank you so much!

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Quick question, every time I try to import the file into blender it get this error, " atrribute error 'shader node mapping' object has no attribute 'scale' " other xps files work fine but I'm having issues with this one.

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I'm having issues with her hairline. Some parts of her hair are greyed out. I'd also like to covert this to use her in MMD. Is that possible?
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Is it possible to adjust the arm position and give her a struggle bat instead? Planning it for a story board.
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She is a beauty!
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so lovely!! She's the best!! thanks a lot for her!! :hug:

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Hey sticklove, TY very much for the rips and rigs, i'm having so much fun with them. Quick question though, i'm trying to manipulate the eyelids for blinking, but they only rotate in place. is there some sort of special way i'm supposed to manipulate? sorry for the noob Question lol.
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You can switch movement mode to move instead of rotate in XPS, the button below the sliders.
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Okay so sorry for late reply, So I forgot to mention that I imported the model into blender and am not using XPS itself. Any idea as to how to change it to movement mode in blender?
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R button is for rotate, G is for movement.
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THERE SHE IS!!!! Thank you so much!!
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Wow Noice!
Thanks for sharing! Frog Emoji-51 (Peace sign) [V3] by Jerikuto
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Yay Kairi! Thank you! :D
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That's a fancy club she's carrying 
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Will you do Rapunzel?
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Wonderful to see her official model! ^_^ thank you for sharing! Fantastic work! :)

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Kairi looks pretty with her short hair
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Thank you !

Now we have the trio

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