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Kairi from Kingdom Hears 0.2: A Fragmentary Passage
Copyrighted by Square Enix/Disney

The standard generic_item has slight weight issues because the models themselves pass over the weight-per-vertex limit of XPS; an unconverted .mesh.ascii is provided too.
The model also uses more than one UV map.

Please don't use for profit/porn/both


EDIT: nothing new just unstored this lol
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Sora nude update, please

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Question: Now that KH3 is officially out and Kairi's KH2 appearance looks much better than her appearance in KH0.2, do you think you could make a new model of Kairi based off of her KH2 appearance in KH3? And is it also possible that you could make a model of Sora with his KH2 appearance from KH3?

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Lets say that This model was used in a game, and you were credited for the model. Is that alright with you?
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it's already used in a game. kingdom hearts XD
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...... Funny Much
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what I meant was, since it is in kingdom hearts, Square Enix owns the rights for the model
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Thank you so much for this model! :) Is it possible to get KH 0.2 of Sora?
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Can you make her shoes removable?
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thank you for that
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thread is incredible. seriously can't breathe, lol
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Thanks for sharing it RoxasKennedy.

Roxas, glad to see you're still around. Is Bluejet also around or has he retired from the scene? I know his dA-account isn't updated for quite some time.
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How can I import this into blender?
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Thanks for reuploading it.
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Downloaded before you remove this again :p 
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to fix heavy vertices weight use blender click on mesh parts in edit mode, short-cut (X delete) then go down to "dissolves vertices" so it is less heavy and load without troubles 
Screenshot (3844) by SSPD077
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Vertex count isn't the issue, it's about weights and XPS's limit of 4 per vertex.
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o I see so it's textures of the mesh. or the mesh itself?  
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No it's the weights on the mesh, not textures or vertex count. It's all the fault of XPS anyway, it isn't able to handle these models properly.
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okay i wish their was new version of xps that does fix this my friend ^w6 
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Thanks for reuploading her! :D
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Just So We're Clear, You are My Feakin' Hero for this
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