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EXTRA! Contest by StickFreeks

My comic EXTRA! has reached 500 sketch pages and 100 colored pages, so I've decided to hold a celebratory contest to celebrate both these milestones!

:bulletyellow: The Contest :bulletyellow:

• Draw a picture of any characters from EXTRA! (or a combination of them!) using any media. •
• The picture above is included as a reference should you need it. •
• Link your finished picture to this journal when you're done! ♪ •
• Anyone may enter, regardless of if you've read the comic or not! •
(However, I highly recommend reading it. XD)

The deadline is my birthday, December 7th!

:star: The Prizes :star:

•This is supposed to be a fun celebratory contest, so I wanna give back to you guys too! All entries will receive a free sketch that will include as many of your characters as you put in your entry! (Ex. You draw two of my characters, I'll sketch two of yours!) •

I will add more prizes (like more characters per prize commission, tiny clay sculptures or custom plushies!) if I get more than 10 entries. :happybounce:

:bulletyellow: 1st Place :bulletyellow:

- $10 Steam Gift Card -
- You or your (humanoid) OC get to be an extra in EXTRA! (extra-ception!) -
- One Fully-Rendered Digital Art Commission of One Character -
(Examples Below)
Cast Aside by StickFreeksDay of the Star-Eater by StickFreeks Kai by StickFreeks Mark by StickFreeks

- 10 Entries Reached!!! - One tiny clay sculpture of a character! - 
Extra! Minis by StickFreeks  Roji Size Comparison by StickFreeks
If you win any place with a sculpey creation, you must be okay with giving me your address if you want me to send it to you!

- 20 Entries Reached!!! - Additional character allowed in digital art commission - 

:bulletblue: 2nd Place :bulletblue:
- One Cel-Shaded Digital Art Commission of One Character -
(Like the large contest picture above!)
- You or your (humanoid) OC get to be an extra in EXTRA! -
- 10 Entries Reached!!! - Two tiny sculpey food charms! - 
- 20 Entries Reached!!! - Additional character allowed in cel-shaded art prize. - 

:bulletpink: 3rd Place :bulletpink:
- A Colored Sketch Commission of One Character - 
- You or your (humanoid) OC get to be an extra in EXTRA! -
- 10 Entries Reached!!! - One tiny sculpey food charm! - 
- 20 Entries Reached!!! - Additional character allowed in colored sketch art prize - 

:bulletpurple: RANDOM Place :bulletpurple:
Using a random method of choosing an entry, I will attempt to draw a hyperrealistic version of one of your characters and it will probably end badly. It's up to you if you want it shown to the world.

:bulletblack: Rules & Notes :bulletblack:

• No NSFW entries. Anything NSFW will be disqualified. •
• I will not draw NSFW material as a prize •

• I will judge based on effort and how true to character the characters are! •
• Again, you do NOT have to have read the comic to enter, but I do recommend it. •

• If you do win the gift card, I will send you the code that is on the gift card, and not the physical card. •
• If you win, you must be okay with your humanoid OC being in the comic and me printing and selling the comic someday. I keep all rights to the comic. •
• I have no issues making a humanoid version of your OC if you do not have human OCs. •

• All prizes must be claimed within a month after the deadline or they are forfeited. •

That's that!
Good luck and have fun!

:bulletyellow: Current Entries :bulletyellow:

Valerie (Contest Entry) by Jelii-Shrimp Roji for EXTRA! Contest by BlueDigital55 Extra by 25darkstar You Will Be Found by NatThePopcornFairy Extra! Contest Entry by Krinodru Extra! Contest Entry: Horror Genre by MCwuffles EXTRA! Contest Entry:  Disco Christmas? by felinemon Theo's Got His Eye On You by animangeleon pinguim imperador  by softhelena Extra! contest by AltairSky<da:thumb id="717792700"/> StickFreeks EXTRA Contest by LovestarHazelangel Extra Contest Submission by moonlightartistry Theo's Melty Treat (Contest Entry) by HolyGoldenCarter Roji cover by STampsboss EXTRA! Entry by LunarGirl2z Extra- Contest Entry by kurichakira EXTRA! Entry by CymbalKnight We Love you Theo!! by TheGemsProduction Theo being extra for the Extra contest by DakotaMelody Extra!: Alexis and Theo by AnonymousnessAnomaly V for Villain by dsagoa Love!EXTRA! by Gkvfflowergirl

►Fyrepyromaniac's Entry - Thumbnail wouldn't display right because it's mature content X'D ◄ 
WeowWeow's Entry from Google+

© 2017 - 2021 StickFreeks
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felinemon's avatar
Wowzers--I do NOT envy you having to judge this! EVERYONE'S STUFF LOOKS SO GOOD! I'm looking forward to the announcement though. Probably sometime tomorrow?
Gkvfflowergirl's avatar
Happy Birthday, Miss Stickfreeks! Birthday cake  icon  Rainbow Sparkle Hug 

And congrats on the milestone for your wonderful comic! I remember when I saw the first two pages hidden in your gallery before you redid it. I'm glad that it's become popular now!

It's pretty late into the contest, but I finally got my entry done! I hope you like it. I'll be looking forward to reading EXTRA! until the very end! (Gah! The suspense right now!)
Love!EXTRA! by Gkvfflowergirl  
StickFreeks's avatar
Thank you so much!
Aww, thanks for sticking with my comic!~ ;w;
I really do appreciate it!

Eee! Looks like I owe you 5 sketches! What'd you like? :meow:
Gkvfflowergirl's avatar
You're very welcome! ^w^

Oh, I forgot about that, haha. I just wanted to draw as many characters as I could. Ah, five, huh? Since it's that much, may I send you a note with their references?
StickFreeks's avatar

Hiii! I know I'm super duper late, but if you still wanted 5 sketches you're welcome to send me refs! You're still on my "owe" list! :D

dsagoa's avatar
Congratulations, Christy, on reaching 500 pages on your comic! Such a great milestone! I wish I had that sort of dedication. Doesn't it feel like you're doing two separate comics when the draft and the coloured version are so far apart in the plot??
You really have made an awesome comic and the progress you've made artistically in the process truly shows! Keep up the good work, and hopefully we'll see the comic till the end!

Here's another last-minute submission.. 
V for Villain by dsagoa
StickFreeks's avatar
Ahhhh! Thank you so much! I do feel like it's two comics sometimes, but it's really rewarding to see it slowly come to life. :XD:
The end is definitely in sight, so hopefully I can finish strong!

Thank you so much for the entryyyyy! :squee:
Let me know what 5 characters I can draw for you in return when you get a chance!
dsagoa's avatar
Thanks ^.^ Glad you liked :D :D

Can you draw:
1. My Miraculous Ladybug OC Xiăo
Xiao reference  by dsagoa ( Xiao, Erizo, Mayfly )

2. Nekka and Mitchie:
Hug by dsagoa ( Mantid )

3. Jannol and Pilvenel:
Jannol and Pilvenel ref , Jannol with baby Pilvenel

And don't stress yourself out, you seem to have gotten a bit over your head with the amount of submissions that came in!
StickFreeks's avatar

Hi! I apologize for the extreme lateness of these sketches! ;w; You have super adorable characters! (I love Pilvenel especially and want to keep him forever.)

Sketch 1 for dsagoa
Sketch 2 for dsagoa
Sketch 3 for dsagoa

dsagoa's avatar
It's giving me a 404 error :noes:
(Edit: same goes for the sketches below this comment thread)
StickFreeks's avatar

Oh no! D: I'm sorry! Stash doesn't seem to be playing well with anybody. Here's a link to the full sketch stash, please let me know if this doesn't work either... https://sta.sh/213ylvjiybx0

dsagoa's avatar
Awesome! Thanks!

The sketches look great, I particularly like the one with the mantis people XD They look so cute :D

Xiao looks great, the pose and the perspective work really well! I like that you added the kwami (the lil mascot) as well :D :D
Pilvenel looks a little disturbed lol. Did someone touch his gems ?? XD

Anyway thanks for the sketches! I've thought about asking about them but it's nice to see that you remember ~ Good on you for still keeping your word even though you must've gotten way over your head with the amount of drawing rewards you ended up promising everyone...

Ps. I'm still missing the charms but then you're all done with my rewards! Yay!
StickFreeks's avatar

Yay! I'm glad you like them! Haha, Pilvenel's gem picture you drew was so cute I guess I was inspired by it. :XD: Yeahhh, I definitely didn't expect this kind of a turn-out, so I've been fighting my way through contest prizes. I'll make absolutely sure everyone gets everything though! Your charms are the very next thing on my owe-list!

AnonymousnessAnomaly's avatar
Hey! I hope I'm not too late to get my entry in :meow:
Extra!: Alexis and Theo by AnonymousnessAnomaly
HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!! :D:D:glomp::glomp::hug::hug::hug:Party Party Party 
StickFreeks's avatar
Thank you so much! :happybounce:
Let me know what two characters I can draw for you!~
AnonymousnessAnomaly's avatar
I hope you like it! :D I'm so glad I found time to enter, because I really love Extra! and all the characters :heart: Thank you for faving it too! :hug:
I'd love if you could draw these two for me:
  dA 17th Birthday Challenge - Eva (OC) by AnonymousnessAnomaly Horns and Halos by AnonymousnessAnomaly
Thank you so much! And I hope you had a wonderful birthday! :D:D:D:hug::hug::hug:
StickFreeks's avatar

Hi! I'm sorry for the SUPER late sketches! ;w;

Here they are though, they were fun to draw!

Sketch 1 for AnonymousAnomaly
Sketch 2 for AnonymousAnomaly

DakotaMelody's avatar
Theo being extra for the Extra contest by DakotaMelody

//cha chas in real last minute// Happy Birthday Christy!!
StickFreeks's avatar
Thank you so much for entering!~ :D
What character can I draw for you in return?
DakotaMelody's avatar
FABULOUS by DakotaMelody No more pigtails by DakotaMelody Group Picture! by DakotaMelody

This little cotton candy floof of joy right here please~! I did bring her pigtails back haha, she's not the same without them
StickFreeks's avatar

I'm sorry I forgot to link your prize so long ago! Here is your very late prize!

Sketch for DakotaMelody

DakotaMelody's avatar
Thank you so much!! She looks so cute and carefree <3
TheGemsProduction's avatar
Here is my late entry! Hope it counts lol XD Also, happy early birthday!! =^u^= 

We Love you Theo!! by TheGemsProduction
StickFreeks's avatar
You're not late!~ Thank you so much for entering and thank you for the birthday wishes! >w<
What three characters can I sketch for you?
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