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Snow Giraffe

By StickFreeks
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I made this in the backyard today. :3
Turned out very nice, no?
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Aww, it's adorable :3
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lol, i remember when the first time i saw this, it inspired me to make a snow wolfy at school during recess..... and then people stole it and said it was a squirrel... q-q
hehe.. well i made another one just this winter..... its head kept falling off........
er.... i think i should stick to the play-dough, dont you think o.o'
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cool!i made a snow fox :3
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I thought about doing that... but I make so many foxes all the time, I wanted to try something different. X3
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ehehe good jobness
its pretty awesome
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Sankyu! :D It's sort of a sad leafy ice mound now.
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aw well you have a pic of it so yay
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Aw! So cute! :iconomgsocuteplz:Is it big? I think i will make a penguin in my backyard with snow..
:icondoraplz::iconsaysplz:IM JUST HERE TO EAT UR KIDZ!
:iconarticunoplz::iconsaysplz:KYAAA IM COOL AS ICE
:iconmoltresplz::iconsaysplz:YAY FIREE
:iconipodplz::iconsaysplz:IPOD!! :-D
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CUTE!!! also this is the closest I've ever been to real snow
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Such an adorable idea and nicely executed too!
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Oh wow! That Giraffe looks EPIC! It snowed a bit where I am but i didn't stick. Oh well, NICE SCULPTURE! :meow:
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( NEVER snows where I live!) But, anywho, this is really cute!
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I got snow today too! (shocker!) lol :3 It wasn't enough to make an awesome snow giraffe though :C or go sledding D: oh well :p
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Wow Sticky-Chan! This is amazing! You have a very great talent! You are very original, Your art is as epic as waffles, and lastly, you have a great imagination.
Hope to see more art!:heart:
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Thank you! I shall try to be even more original than now... I'm trying to be ultra mega squibblenya'd original! 'Course you'll see more art! I've got like... 7 things to scan in.... >.>
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wow! who knew it was possible...
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Awww you got snow. We don't have any yet. :<
But, nevertheless, that giraff is so cute! >w<
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