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I really wanted to draw some realistic stuff today (to practice people faces and proportions)... so I pulled out my favorite newest guinea pig, Theo!~
Probably gonna do Alexis and Xavier now, since this turned out pretty nice. But not right now because this was also intensive.
Also foreshortening is evil. Mephikal helped me through it, though! :XD:

:star: Theo's from Extra! :star:

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Oh dang wow

I assumed this was like photoshopped from a real pic
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Thank you! I had fun with it! :happybounce:
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Excellent job! :)

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This is really cool! :D You should draw realistic more often. I have to say for the perspective you chose,you gave yourself a lot of work. It's a very awkward perspective to try and draw, figuring out how much to diminish the lower proportions and extend the upper proportions. You did really well. Great work! ;)
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Thank you so much!~ I'd love to draw more realistic stuff sometime, it's a fun challenge. :XD:
I had a lot of trouble judging those distances for the perspective! I think I'll keep practicing it in my sketchbooks. :meow:
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It was my pleasure! :nod: Practice makes perfect, so keep at it and you'll have it down in no time! ;)
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ProjectComment Member here,

Alright, before anything, due to the fact this is semi-realistic it makes the flaws stand out even more.
This is the struggle all realism/semi-realistic artists come across though so need not worry. This is not to
say this picture is bad, not in the least, it is quite impressive and I thing it is very good (especially those
eyes *_* I'm in love with those eyes~! ).

I would say the first flaw that also stands out the most is the body is far too small; I can see what you were
trying to do by making the strong forced perspective, but you over did it. You can see this mostly by how short
the shoulder is (from the viewers eye it'd be the left side) and the arm is even more noticeable after that. It would
be smaller yes but not that small. The next problem I picked up on was the jaw isn't even/the same on either side.
If he were looking at a full frontal he would be slant jawed, which I am sure isn't what he should be. This happens a
lot for many to maybe all artists-you can check to see if you have this flaw by flipping the image. If you do that you
can normally catch it early on and alter it as need be~. The last major problem I see is the ears are quite blurred
compared to the rest of the main focal point-now I don't know if this was because the picture was supposed to be
blurred around the edges or not but it comes off looking odd and almost unfinished.Ears, in this case, should be in
focused at least at this perspective they should be.

Now, with all of that said, I think I should mention the freckle work and the soft colours along his cheeks and across
his nose are beautiful. It really makes this picture stand out and a unique characteristic in this character more prominent.
The eyes, as I mentioned, are my favourite-they are beautiful and the details within the fur on his jacket and the hair
are also very gorgeous~

You have a lot of talent, and the few flaws you made are very common and can be easily prevented in the future =3
Keep up the great work friend.
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Thanks for the awesome comment! That definitely helped me see the flaws that I couldn't pick up on before. :happybounce:
This was my first time attempting this perspective with a humanoid, so I'm not surprised that it's horrendously wonky. :XD:
I'll keep practicing! Your input really helped me know what to work on.

Heheh, I didn't flip the image nearly as often as I should've. ^^; More stuff to remember to do in the future!
I agree with you on the jaw and ears, though. They need work.

Thank you againnnnn!~
xXSerena-CrosseXx's avatar
=3 I am glad I could help, lol and like I said need not worry we all end up making
the same mistakes all the time, it just happens X3 You have a lot of talent, keep up
the good work and you are wellllcome~! 

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That looks amazing! It's so real!
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Thank you! It was really fun to draw! :D
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His eyes are gorgeous, and I adore everything about the picture, especially the shading! 
StickFreeks's avatar
Thank you so much! :happybounce:
I had a lot of fun with this one.
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So real ! I love it !
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Theo looks so sweet with his adorable eyes and freckles. The green light makes him look a little eerie. All together very good picture.
StickFreeks's avatar
Thanks!~ He is a bit on the eerie side, but that's sort of intentional.
I figured a stalker DJ hacker catboy would be a bit eerie. :XD:
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Those freckles though...
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