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By StickFreeks
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:star: I drew this panel from Extra because I wanted to draw a scene from it, and this is the one that got suggested!~ :happybounce: :star:
So here is the aftermath of the pirate saga.

:star: Xavier, Alexis, and Roji are from my comic, Extra! :star:
If you haven't read it yet, I'd be honored if you would go read it!

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ColferBookEnthusiast's avatar
Amazing illustration, love the colours and textures! :D
martinagro's avatar
Stunning art! 
awesomefox02's avatar
Beautiful art ✨!
awesomefox02's avatar
You are very welcome 🌟. so how are you today ✨?
animangeleon's avatar
Really cool atmosphere in this one! I really enjoy the way you do lighting!! :D
StickFreeks's avatar
Thanks!~ :dummy:
I've been experimenting around a little with lighting lately, it's been fun! :XD:
lordofbrooms's avatar
This was certainly a good panel to color. It's always good to pick out the right ones! 
StickFreeks's avatar
Thanks!~ I'm glad it got suggested. :XD:
I want to do another one, but I'm having trouble deciding... do you have any favorites?
lordofbrooms's avatar
Ooh, this is a good question. I might suggest the "last page of book one," or page 191. Not only is it a bit of a pivotal moment, but it also sets a new scene.

I'm not explaining my reasoning very well. But there's my two cents! Whatever you color next, I'll probably like it a lot! :)
StickFreeks's avatar
Ooh that would be a fun one to do!~
Yeah, I might give that one a whirl next. :XD:
felinemon's avatar
Loving the colours--they really set the mood.
StickFreeks's avatar
Thank you!~ I wish it was a faster process to color the comic. :XD:
There have been so many times that colors would have been so useful.
felinemon's avatar
I FEEL YOU. Although for me, it's usually line-arting that kills me...
SkinnyGreenKiller's avatar
Awesome work Christy!
StickFreeks's avatar
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