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Extra! Page 1

By StickFreeks

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Read the sketched pages of the story HERE.
~ ♦ ~

Hi guys! Welcome to Extra! This is a major comic project that I've been working on for a while. 
This navigation will take you through the colored pages, but feel free to follow the link above to read the uncolored version that udpdates every weekday.

I'd be super honored if you'd be willing to read any (or all) of it, and let me know what you think of it!

~ Critique is always welcome! ~

EXTRA! - Website  |  Twitter  |  Facebook

Extras in the backgrounds of a movie world are trying to escape their inevitable fate of getting killed off in mass "accidents".
In fact, they're going to go confront the ever-elusive Producer about his homicidal ways! 
Of course, they can't do this on their own... they need the help of the cute-animal-run DERP Agency!

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Captain-Plunder's avatar
Wow! Your colouring is really beautiful! And the shading is amazing! I especially like how you shade the characters' hair! It looks great!
MegaRdaniels's avatar
"We only scream because it's law" That should be on a T-Shirt
MrRemoraman's avatar
Dang I’m already intrigued...
ActualGuyFieri's avatar
Extra is so amazing and inspirational! One of my OCs was actually inspired by Theo!…

(Another one is inspired by Kiki from Fairy Foxes, but I don't have a ref for her yet.)
StickFreeks's avatar
Aww! Thank you so much for your kind words! ;w;

Your OC is really cute, I definitely see the resemblance! Theo would be honored. :XD:
22cerjoh's avatar
XD "we only scream because it's required by law" omg XD lol
dastard-bastard's avatar
Hello my fellow art buddy! I stumbled across your comic page and must say I really like what I'm seeing.

You have a sketchy yet polished quality to your style. I really dig the way you color as it's very bright and cheery and makes everything look fun. I also appreciate the humor in there, as we need more laughter on the internet.

I definitely think you have talent, and hope you continue to share your skills and laughter with the world. Keep on rockin' my fellow art buddy!
HelenRosa's avatar
Haha, I really cracked up^^
Liketheisland's avatar
HA! I need this idea in my life. I'm curious about who watches these movies where people are actually killed off. :D
ForeignSin's avatar
This is AWESOME! Great work so far. Can't wait to read more! :D
potat0rb's avatar
this looks wonderful! I'm glad you're renewing the colored version of the comic c: 
can't wait to see more!!
StickFreeks's avatar
Thanks! :happybounce:
I'm hoping to start uploading these "fancy" pages on a regular basis pretty soon.
potat0rb's avatar
oh cool! I'm excited :D
felinemon's avatar
Oooh~ New page 1! Lookin' great!
StickFreeks's avatar
felinemon's avatar
You're welcome!
TheBarredOneOnceMore's avatar
StickFreeks's avatar
Thanks!~ I had fun with it. :D
awesomefox02's avatar
You can make her turn into a fly cat because I would like to see her turn into a fly cat🌟!
Jelii-Shrimp's avatar
StickFreeks's avatar
Jelii-Shrimp's avatar
Also, who's THAT I spot next to Alexis???
(wink wink nudge nudge)
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