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Extra! - Page 1

By StickFreeks

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Read more pages of the story HERE.

Hi guys! Welcome to "Extra!"! This is a major comic project that I've been working on for a while!
This navigation will take you through the colored pages, but feel free to follow the link above to read the uncolored version that udpdates every weekday.

Summary: Extras in the backgrounds of the movie world are trying to escape their inevitable fate of getting killed off in mass "accidents" by confronting the ever-elusive Producer about his homicidal ways . Of course, they can't do this on their own... they need the help of the DERP Agency! (An agency run by cute animal mascots)

--- Original Description, October 15, 2012 ---
It came out all pretty and stuff! I hope you guys like it! ^-^
I've been working on it for art class at school. :meow:

Read the story in sketch form in my scraps!~
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AngelicEmpyress's avatar
YAY my only comment was that it should be in color and you are doing it! It's SO much better in color...and your work shines more
StickFreeks's avatar
Thanks! Yeah, haha... it's just really time consuming. ^^;
AngelicEmpyress's avatar
yeah I entire comic is full color x3
StickFreeks's avatar
How long does it take you to finish a page, out of curiosity?
AngelicEmpyress's avatar
like 10 hours probably... split into a couple days (one to sketch and line, the other to color).
KoalaMuffins's avatar
Oh, my God xD This sounds so cute. I'll have to read more when I have time :3
xXLittleTigressXx's avatar
woah!!! great idea!! :O
TotalArtFreak's avatar
finally, a story about the regular people in these situations xD
Cameron-Ohara's avatar
Because it's law!?  Ohmgosh, what a hook!
icelandicghost's avatar
SO...-JUST....-SUCH A GREAT IDEA! :omg: 

I've thought about something very similar, but this is an awesome idea! :D
StickFreeks's avatar
Thanks! I'm having a lot of fun with it!~ :D
Cherrihusky-AMV's avatar
we only scream because it's law XD
Fish-Rain's avatar
i got to see this cos i was cutting borders for your guys's digital art stuff for mrs seger lol it looks really next :DD can't wait for more... its a great idea
StickFreeks's avatar
Yayyy!~ Thank you for cutting borders for us! XD
Fish-Rain's avatar
4L741R's avatar
I think someone like you could work wonders with Manga Studio. This is amazing.
StickFreeks's avatar
I've fiddled around with Manga Studio! I really like some of the features... but sometimes I feel like it doesn't let me have full creative license. XD
StickFreeks's avatar
kikichan12's avatar
Lol "we only scream because its law"
TheWhiteJewel's avatar
"We only scream because it's law."

That made me laugh so hard. xD
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