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"Can we get a group picture just in case we never make it back?"

Yay! I've been wanting to draw them for a while. I'll probably tweak this later or just redraw it once I've gotten better at faces and lighting n' stuff. :meow:
They're a really fun trio.

:star: Watch the Speedpaint!
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piyohthegenius's avatar
Your OC really reminds me of mine. It's a neat picture too!
StickFreeks's avatar
Thank you!~
Haha, which one? :XD:
piyohthegenius's avatar
Mainly Gabby. Since she's basically a part time mailperson.
StickFreeks's avatar
Ah!~ That's so cute! :D
None of my characters happen to be mail people, but they certainly wear a similar uniform. :XD:
TheCareBearGirl's avatar
Wow! Cutie Surprised This picture is absolutely beautiful! The lighting, the effects, that ADORABLE kitty, and that background are all like what you'd see in a museum! EQG Sunset Shimmer Excited Plz 
StickFreeks's avatar
Aww, thank you so much! :happybounce:
I'm really glad you like it!

Haha, Roji's a fox, but he's got a very cat-like build! :XD:
TheCareBearGirl's avatar
EEP! You actually responded! Give me a minute to squee. Squee! OMGsqueeeee.... Squee Bounce APH HRE Squee meowsquee Squee 

I'm really sorry about that. I've just liked your stuff for a really long time, especially your Fairy Foxes. :D It's actually kind of nostalgic for me. :)

It's really great picture, so why wouldn't I like it? Didn't know he was a fox, though something in my head was telling he he was a fox. Though, that makes him cuter, because foxes are my favorite animals! fox emoticon free 
lordofbrooms's avatar
I like the lighting! 
monkeeavatar's avatar
OMG that cat!!! XD
felinemon's avatar
"Just" in case~ <><>
Gkvfflowergirl's avatar
Aw. That quote. Sweet but sad.
FoxMew4044's avatar
This looks amazing.
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