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Cast Aside

By StickFreeks

Yaaay Xavier! He is definitely the driving force of the story, and probably has the most interesting motives of the crew.
This one was tricky since I couldn't seem to get his face quite right. :XD:'''
Anyway, I'm having way too much fun with these! I'm tempted to do Auka or Roji next...

:star: Xavier is from Extra! :star:

Others from Extra!
Extra by StickFreeksIRL by StickFreeks

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Jelii-Shrimp's avatar
Go Team Roji! You should do him next! :meow: :happybounce:
Mephikal's avatar
Oh wow, this is my favorite one yet. It's also the saddest one. Poor Xavier and his family. Excellent job of this, it's so dramatic.
StickFreeks's avatar
Thank you!~ ;w;
I tried to give him a background that would fit his backstory somewhat.
animangeleon's avatar
You should totally try Auka or Roji next!! 8D
And oh my gosh I'm in love with this picture... Sad BG though ;n;
StickFreeks's avatar
Yay! I'm half afraid of doing Roji realistically. I'll have to work my way up to that. :XD:
And thank you!~ I tried. ;w;
felinemon's avatar
Lovin' the stubble-stache
StickFreeks's avatar
Alas, the woes of dark hair. :XD:
I should probably even that out now that I look at it...
I stink at drawing any sort of facial hair.
felinemon's avatar
*Has dark hair, and knows the feeling--although not so much on the FACE being that I'm female...*

I think it turned out nicely! And since when is it ever nice for someone who's on the run?
StickFreeks's avatar
Me too. <(__)>

Haha thank you! By even out, I guess I really meant scruff up in a more uniform fashion. :XD:
felinemon's avatar

I suppose~ <><> <^^> *Purrr*
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