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This would be the stock photo account of
:iconstickbugs: & :iconanglerfishies:

Because we decided to make a stock account. Ha.



If you want to use our stock:

:bulletred: Use our stock creatively, for your OWN work. Simply changing the eye colour, airbrushing the skin or changing the dress colour, etc, is not allowed because it does not count as your own art.  We allow use of our images for photomanipulations, art reference and deviantART tutorials (photo editing, photomanipulation, etc).  Deviations using our stock are not to be submitted under the photography category.

:bulletblue: Provide a link in your deviation's description that links back to the original image and/or this account's front page (use :devstickfishies-stock: or :iconstickfishies-stock: - copy & paste, including the colons).

:bulletred: Comment on the stock deviation(s) you used with a link to your deviation in which you have used our stock. We would love to see where our stock was used! We keep a collection of deviations using our stock in our favourites, and everyone's work is added to it as well as commented on by us.

:bulletblue: Please do not use any of our stock for any type of offensive or vulgar images including but not limiting to discrimination, degrading, or sexually suggestive themes--our models are all minors, so please respect them.

:bulletred: Our stock is for deviantART use ONLY. You may not use our stock anywhere outside of deviantART. There will be some exceptions, but the images will say in their description of that's the case. We're very lenient about this as far as including work in portfolios and whatnot, but please ask through a note first.

:bulletblue: Please do not use our stock for any commercial purposes aside from selling your original piece of art based off of our stock should you wish to.

:bulletred: The only commercial exception we'll make (aside from what is stated above) is for dA prints, and dA prints ONLY; HOWEVER, if your deviation contains one of our MODEL stocks, you MUST ask permission THROUGH A NOTE first. We have the right to either approve or disapprove of your request, depending on the model's preferences.

Abide to these rules if you wish to use our stock.

Have a nice day! :)
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Hello! :D I was wondering if I could use your photo "2 Minnie Bakers" as a reference. Unfortunately, I only have an Oekaki program currently available for my art doodles, and so it would have to be drawn offsite. Is it still okay for me to use your photo as a reference, if I link back to it?