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Do you take stock/pose requests?
Sure, as long as it's within reason, just send us a note. If we have the time, we'll do it for you :)

May I put a piece of art I made including one (or more) of your stock images (either directly or as drawing reference) in a portfolio (or art show, website, etc) outside of deviantART?
Please ask us first, preferably through a note.  We are very lenient about this and, but it will also depend on the model's and/or photographer's preference.  Honestly, we would love to have unrestricted, or next to unrestricted, stock, but we're all under legal age and want to be able to provide our images with as few negative results as possible, such as misuse, art theft, etc.

Will you take nude stocks?
NO. Our models (and us) are underage, and we really don't think that they, their parents, dA, or the legal system would be happy with that.

I'm doing a school project on -insert animal here-.  May I use one or more of your stock images of said animal in my presentation?
Send us a note asking first.  We'll probably say yes :)

Who are your models?
Our models usually consist of one of us (usually stickbugs), or one of our friends.

So then why are there only like, two pictures of anglerfishies in your gallery?
Because she likes being behind the camera more (even though she's a gorgeous gal ;D)

Will you look at my gallery?
Uh, if you ask, no. If you ask someone to look at your gallery, you're just being desperate. You have more of a chance of getting someone (including us) to look at your gallery if you just leave them a non-desperate comment, or watch or fave something of theirs.

What kind of camera(s)/equipment do you use?
Generally, anglerfishies' Canon EOS 400D/Rebel XTi:
:bulletred: Canon 18-55mm kit lens it came with generally for model stock
:bulletred: Sigma 30mm F/1.4 lens for some model stock
:bulletred: Canon 75-300mm USM lens for more telephoto nature stock

But when she's not around, stickbugs uses a Canon PowerShot S2 IS.  For older stock photos, anglerfishies used a Canon PowerShot A610 and stickbugs used a Canon PowerShot A410.  Yes, we're Canon whores. :D

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