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Dirty Harry: Battle for San Francisco - Chapter 1.


Dirty Harry: Battle for San Francisco - Chapter 1.

Two years after the events of Sudden Impact (1983), Harry Callahan returns to his city with now his 44 Automag left with him, no dog, no friend, nothing else, they died from a terrible end, Harry Callahan now realizes for the first time his regret was not returning in two years after the events that gone down in a small Californian town, now Callahan sees that SF is a pile of garbage, there is nothing left in this town anymore as there a group of gangsters, bikers, criminals, and more. Callahan sees that their man is wearing purple, which means that he found out that guy is the one who has been shot in a foiled bank robbery fourteen years ago, purple shirt, brown jeans, black smart shoes, and a ruined, bloodied cap. Harry: Oh shit... Shit, shit, shit, shit... he's gone downhill. (EXTERIOR) Jonathon Purples: We the people, will fight down in history, together, will ruin San Francisco and it will burn in 96 hours, if you guys don't participate in this money deal, you're

Resolution # 201 (US Agent x The Spiders - Part 2)

Resolution # 202 (US Agent x The Spiders - Part 3)

Resolution # 200 (US Agent x The Spiders - Part 1)

Resolution - Special Trailer # 2


Batman Colour play

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My Bio
Hey I'm Lee and I live in the UK, South-east to be specific. I love digital art and other art types that evolve around many TV shows, movies and other fantasy stuff. I'm just improving on my own talent. I'm not great but I'm not terrible either.

I love to draw and I love to make photo-manipulations for my favorite things that keep me interested. When it's made, I'll share it with my amazing viewers :)

The proudest thing I have ever made is the creation of the Marvel Dynamic Universe and the adventures of The Dynamic Spider-Man...then I killed him off. That was even more fun.

Recently, I have become an amateur Photographer who's been studying it for a hobby but might eventually consider chasing a career out of it. Who knows I might just be that good at it

Personal Quote: It's a free world so do what you feel like

Favourite Visual Artist
Digital art, photomanipulations and comic book art
Favourite Movies
have tons of favorites. Westerns and Marvel..There you go.
Favourite TV Shows
Sons Of Anarchy, Family Guy, American Dad, Ghost Adventures, The Simpsons, Red Dwarf, Star Trek The Next Generation
Favourite Bands / Musical Artists
Electronic, Classic Rock, Alternative Rock, 80's Metal, Country Rock.
Favourite Books
Marvel Comics, DC Comics, The War Of The Worlds
Favourite Writers
HG Wells, J.R.R Tolkien
Favourite Games
Saints Row The Third, GTA all titles, Spider-Man 2, The Amazing Spider-Man, Red Dead Redemption
Favourite Gaming Platform
Playstation 3
Other Interests
My intersts are generally, socialising, drawing, editing photos and gaming.
Guess what. I'm writing again! Wanted to write something based on the Worlds of Gerry Anderson and I've finally got and idea sorted. It's my own take on "Gerry Anderson's Starcruiser. I've uploaded three write up notes and I'm already working on the

Why I'm here (Part 2)

Why I'm here (Part 2)

So for a little while, I had been writing "The Dynamic Spider-Man" and for the most part things were running smoothly. I had him teaming up with other characters in our shared universe, taking on adventures that were really fun. I mean really fun. We had a blast, but eventually I'd hit a problem that I wasn't prepared for. See, I designed the character's suit with inspiration from Alex Ross's concept suit for the 2002 movie. I just loved the combination of Black and red with a arrow head look running down the stomach, the problem is, Marvel had launched "The Superior Spider-Man." and in it, the character sported a similar design. That's when I started to get the hate comments and messages. How I was simply ripping off the design and how I should be blocked on here for breaching copyright. (That's happened on a few occasions when I've not once ever tried to make a profit.) But I don't want to get into all of that again. Basically, I had to kill off the character. I felt at the time that

Why I'm Here

Why I'm Here

Umm Hi. For a long time now, I've always wanted to share and talk about who I am and why I love the deviantArt community. It's not really so much of an ego thing, but more of a blog that I hope I can share with you guys. I've made a few friends here, but I've never felt that they've got to know me properly, or I them. I've had my fair share of experiences on the site. Mostly positive, but I've never wanted to quit. I've embarked on writing projects, shared crude and horrid work that makes other works look like masterpieces, but I love it here. So this Journal kinda tells you all a bit about me and how I came to join. I've always been a Science-Fiction and fantasy fan since I was a little kid. Franchises like Star Trek, Star Wars and Doctor Who were inescapable, but I they all became a very important part of my childhood, so when I developed a taste for drawing in my early teens, I'd concentrate my efforts on those three franchises. I read my first comic book when I was 13 and

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Hey man, after the popular success of the Harley Quinn show, what would you think if someone would make an animated show that centers around The Sinister Six? Kinda like Suicide Squad, but WAY better. Great storytelling, genre well-done character development and especially chemistry.


Thank you for the Star Trek Faves

Thank You for favoriting my latest chart for the Starship Enterprise. Please feel free to comment on and browse our other works, good luck with your own artistic endeavors and enjoy the art.


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Thanks for the Geo Spock favorite. I appreciate it. Perhaps you will like this one too.

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