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So, been a while since I've updated anything here. I'm hoping to be able to post some new work soon.

I've moved to another town to work, and been working here for almost a year now.
After renting an apartment for almost a year now we've (my gf and I) been forced to move out because the owner is moving back in.

We've been looking around for a place to rent for a while, but agreed that we didn't want to pay 7-10 000 nok (1850$) / month for rent... We then found a nice comfy caravan and moved into that, at a sweet spot near the ocean with great walks and nice surroundings.

Trailertrash here we come!
No, all jokes aside; it's great so far, and we bought a fairly new caravan which will feel like a nice home for the next 3 years while my gf gets her bachelors degree here.

Then we'll move to another town to settle down and buy a house. =)

There you go. A quick update of whats happening here..!

Take care guys =)
Now I'm back in Brisbane again, ready to complete my final semester of my bachelor degree!

I'm not really ready for work yet, as I really loved the 3 months of traveling around in Indonesia and Korea, and I also enjoy traveling around in Australia. Hope I get more time to discover Australia better when I'm done with studies here.

Traveling is something I really really love, and it puts the whole world in another view. I like it =)

I will try and make some new 3D stuff now, and also upload some more photos. I hope all of you will have a great year, with lots of joy and happy memories!

Take care!
So, I'm really bad at updating my journals.. Thought it was about time to update it now =)

A great thing about Uni in Australia is the long summer holiday! 4 months!
So I've been traveling around in Indonesia and now I'm in South-Korea.

Going to Seoul in a couple of days, where I will be checking out temples/palaces and stuff, so hopefully I will have some nice pictures to share. =)

Nothing much to say really, other than I'm having a great time =)
Also bought a new laptop, so I might be able to produce some more 3d work soon! Yeah! =D

Take care,
Now I'm in Brisbane, Australia! Been traveling for some days now, and had a week in Bali on my way down here from Norway.

I dont have time to answer any comments at the moment, or to update anything yet, but it will come, so be patient =)

Just wantet to let you all know that I'm all right, but a littlebit busy at the moment, as I'm trying to find a place to stay here in Brisbane.

Anyone got some tips on where to stay in Brisbane? Near the Kelvin Grove QUT would be great, og Gardens Point QUT.
Also, what mobile services are the cheapest here in australia?

Sorry for my bad english, but aint got time to correct, as I have to go now,

Take care! =)
So, haven't used the Journal here before, but I just wanted to say thanks a lot for the DD! =D

And a lot of thanks to all the people adding my work to their favs, and commenting my work! :) Thats one of the main reasons I do this, because of the response! So again, thanks a lot!