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I am hosting a written OCT - Written OCTEDIT: THIS IS ONLY FOR WRITERS SEEING AS I PUT "Written OCT"
Hello everyone!
First off, I had a few hundred deviations in my inbox, so I had to delete them all because I'd never be able to catch up (I'm very busy lately). I'm sorry. If you have any particular story/poem/song you'd like me to read, comment with a link and I'll look.
Second! Would any of you care to participate in a written OCT (Original Character Tournament, for more information click  http://yamiredpen.deviantart.com/art/A-Guide-to-OCTs-132017087 or http://tarantellino.deviantart.com/art/Why-you-should-all-join-an-OCT-Improvement-Strip-320691207)
I have a certain setting I'd like it to be in, but that'd be about the only set rule sort of.
If I get at least eight people saying they would like to participate, then I'll put up the contestants' usernames, the deadlines, the prizes, and I'll round up some judges. If you're interested in judging please, add that in in a comment. Thank you!
and for more information on OCT's click here - A Guide to OCTsOriginal Character Tournaments are all over deviantart and keep growing in popularity, but not everyone knows what they are or how to participate in them.  Since they're hosted by individuals and not actually affiliated with the website itself, there are no guides available to help explain how they work.  Hopefully, this FAQ will be helpful to anyone looking to get involved in OCTs.
What is an OCT?
OCTs, or "Original Character Tournaments" are contests held here on deviantart in which you can pit your original characters against other people's characters in a comic-style battle-royale.  To put it simply, it's a cross between an art competition and a storytelling contest.
OCTs can be hosted on someone's account, or they can have a tournament account of their own.  OCTs are usually open to anyone with a deviantart account, although some are invite only.  Information about who is eligible to audition will usually be clearly stated s

The OCT will take place in a Haunted House

Auditions are now in play. Please write up a reference sheet for your character (include name, age, sex, height, weight, and anything else to help the other participators portray your character correctly) and a story of how your character came to the OCT (no fighting, just how the character came to be in the OCT)

Deadline: 2/14/13 (Valentines Day)

If you have any questions, ask

Please link your audition here: writtenoct-hh.deviantart.com/

Prizes for first place (so far, more to come): 2 llamas from Starija, 1 llama from unusedEmotion, 1 llama from JJmyster22, a watch from unusedEmotion, a watch from JJmyster22, 5 favorites from unusedEmotion, 5 favorites from JJmyster22, 2 critiques from unusedEmotion, 150 :points: (for now), a feature from unusedEmotion, a feature from JJmyster22, a feature from STFUAndJoin, a watch from LupusIntus, 5 favorites (with a short comment/critique) from LupusIntus, a llama from LupusIntus!

If you have any prizes you can offer, be sure to comment.
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