If any of you remember, I created a OCT, Haunted House themed a long time ago and it is high time that I delivered the prizes.

THE WINNER: :iconwrapup: did a tremendous job of keeping the stories up (though I do remember a panic when I discovered the original account had gone away) and keeping it interesting. Thank you so much for participating, I truly enjoyed your writing and I hope you continue to do so (Did you switch accounts again? I can only find the entries on your account).

THE RUNNER UP: :iconrifletwofour: To be honest, it really was super close between you and WrapUp. Both of you were strong writers, it was just a tiny difference. You too, should never ever quit writing because you did a fantastic job. Thank you so much for joining my little tournament.

Everyone please check these two out, as I think they deserve at the very least a chance of a page view for not only writing to their fullest but for also managing the deadlines and challenging themselves and each other.

If you two would like, I can attempt to dig out the other judges' critiques of your entries so you can see why you got what you got!
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