When I started this group, I had hopes and dreams. I HAD A VISION.

I didn't. I really didn't. But the thing is, this group is positively DULLSVILLE. That is definitely at least 80% my fault since I do ABSOLUTELY NOTHING. I sit around and procrastinate and read about the futility of life in translated Russian literature by myself at night in the dark alone (I'm completely joking, I don't do this at all. Come on, I'm super cool).

Anyways, the thing is this: I think that we need to do something. I don't know what that something is. Maybe a contest? OCT? I HAVE NO IDEA. So I'm just going to leave this journal here and if you have any ideas, DON'T BE AFRAID OR TOO LAZY TO SPEAK UP AND PLEASE COMMENT AN IDEA THAT YOU LIKE!

That is all.

Thanks for reading, fishies,

I have a spot open for a DWEEB! You'll have slightly more power! Would anyone like it? You must be active and willing to consistently vote on submissions! If you're interested, comment below and I'll look into your "application"!
Limitations have been set for submissions and a new folder has been added for commissions and stuff you want to sell. If you have any suggestions or requests, please message me :)

Hoping to get more involved again, I'll see you ducks later :)
If any of you remember, I created a OCT, Haunted House themed a long time ago and it is high time that I delivered the prizes.

THE WINNER: :iconwrapup: did a tremendous job of keeping the stories up (though I do remember a panic when I discovered the original account had gone away) and keeping it interesting. Thank you so much for participating, I truly enjoyed your writing and I hope you continue to do so (Did you switch accounts again? I can only find the entries on your account).

THE RUNNER UP: :iconrifletwofour: To be honest, it really was super close between you and WrapUp. Both of you were strong writers, it was just a tiny difference. You too, should never ever quit writing because you did a fantastic job. Thank you so much for joining my little tournament.

Everyone please check these two out, as I think they deserve at the very least a chance of a page view for not only writing to their fullest but for also managing the deadlines and challenging themselves and each other.

If you two would like, I can attempt to dig out the other judges' critiques of your entries so you can see why you got what you got!
Hello everyone, JJ here. I'm sad to announce that the contest is not going to happen. I'm also relieved, because I was going to shell out some money for points to give as prizes and now I don't have to do that. Anyways, onto the main topic.

I'm really disappointed in the amount of effort I've been putting in this group. I remember starting this group and how excited I was. I invited people left and right, promoted all of the artists I admired and some who just were plain awesome and deserved it and I loved seeing all the artwork submitted and and and *sob* . . .*clears throat* Anyways. I'd really love to turn this group into a community of just fun people who like art and stuff like that. So, I'll be spending more time on this: inviting more people, commenting on peoples' art, voting and explaining why or why not it was accepted, monitoring the folders, starting more contests with actual prizes, etc. . .

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