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Winds of Blood
Cold granite brushed against my cheek. As violent convulsions swept over me, the stone bit into my skin and left scrapes like red crayon marks. I had no nerves left to feel any pain, and even my senses were deadening. A heavy, sibilant voice echoed through the void.
"So comes the end of the Sorceress Queen Akeremun. Who would have imagined such a thing for a monarch whose power seemed absolute?"
The speaker was a reptilian figure that looked remotely human. He was clothed in a dark blue robe. His reptilian skin was the mark of the Infested; ones who voluntarily bred a demon within their flesh and minds to increase their power. I was lying flat on my back on a gigantic altar of grayish granite. Any clothes I might have possessed were torn and stained beyond recognition.
"We thought that we might simply dispose of you in public. Perhaps a little carnal humiliation would have sufficed to entertain us all before your living cremation."
A dull sense of anger washed over me,
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Redemption: A Demon's Search
Redemption: A Demon's Search For Meaning
Chapter 1. The Spawning
Several figures wearing black robes of silk stood by the edge of the great pit made of obsidian. Some of them sat on the edge of the pit, talking idly about nothing in particular. Others, obviously the studious types, were hunched up against the wall, poring tattered old tomes of dark lore. They all looked tense and nervous. They all jumped a little at the sound of a deep voice that boomed across the great room housing the pit.
"The time has come, my students. I hope you are all ready?"
They murmured a faint reply. The man who had stepped in was dressed like the others, but his robe was different. It was embroidered with silver runes that slowly shifted around so that they almost looked like insects. He laughed coldly.
"Ach, I see you are all nervous. Perhaps from lack of study, yes?"
No reply. Wasn't it obvious? More than 10% of their grades would
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Mature content
Spring's Rain :iconstfan:STfan 0 1
Flowery Runt
People shift to and fro
Wrapped up in a big bazaar
Like so many flower-laden branches that
Walk and chatter on a road of windy bricks.
By some quirk of the sun's strokes
A single bud sits on a broken branch.
It sits on the steely ground, cold and still.
Perhaps it was given a wrong map.
Perhaps it took a wrong turn.
For now, it has fallen, and isn't going anywhere soon.
It sits, silently begging for some
Leather'n heel, some boot to snuff it
Away from the ground.
For some polar wind to
Spirit it away on a jacket of frost
Away from the spring.
The mists and fog,
The leather'n boot,
The beat-up walking stick,
"Mistake of the rain,
Incarnation of the dirt,
we regret
we do not believe in euthanasia."
The little bud is
Avoided and sheltered with reat care
Surrounded by a little aura.
Then a little furry face
Eyes like little glassy shards, stars of the stone
A graceful coco rat pays his respects
"Mistake of the rain,
Jewel of the leaves,
Bearer of the wrong map."
He s
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Newborn's lifeblood
Newborn's Lifeblood, with a drop of azure
A craggy fist, mailed in wispy white
beckons to the blue walls
"Two's a crowd.
'tis useless.
Let there be one."
Nuit, clad in naked azure
tosses her hair,
her eye twinkling above the tangled strands.
The age-old ritual was beginning
Anew, steaming and heaving emerald breath.
Two shards of the sky, their
skin sheathed in countless eyes
winking from behind a crystal mask
Cry out with voices
bubbling with blood and wine
"Two's illusion.
Embrace the truthful deception."
The masks shatter with a crinkled smile
The crystal elixir leaps out in heartbeats
And it all dances together in a bowl of cherry wood.
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A cloud of silent, blinding stone
clothes me,
A shield of anchoring cold
protects me,
A sea of bitter, blinding darkness
armors me,
I am perfect.
Miniscule wires weave
Between my dance with the world and suckle the
Caged, barbed shell that is called Soul, it
Crunches in its mother's lap until I cannot
I am parasite.
Beings of woven copper and silver, glide
Gracefully, the shelled
Soul moves, rumbles
Crushes and there is only One.
I am lover.
I cannot Scream, in my Ears. I see
Sweaty, stained hands gripping my
Flesh, shuddering with desire, pleading for
Penetration, steel wires of
Pain, armored Claws
Tear through the wires
Devour through the flesh
Toss bloody chunks of Iron
I scream with hunger, Beg for more
Snarl and rip through the armor
Industrial-grade Steel is twisted and
Torn off, amidst the bloody
Death of Soul
Armored, barbed Soul
Hisses and Claws with protest
Blood-stained fragments of stubbornness
Tear the ground as they fall
As I spl
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A lone wolf stands on the brink of twilight
Frozen, haggard, his limp muzzle
Seared by the caress of desolation
His eyes are twin lakes, a mated pair
Reflecting the wisp of midnight cloud
His paws stroke the pebbles
Like so much broken crystal
The fragrance of dreams I had embraced farewell
The rustle of withered bark and autumn-time twig
He sniffs at the water
It weeps and whispers ever so gently
His tongue swims at the edge of the world
A secret kiss, a tribute to the eternity of twilight's song
I kneel and reach out with a hand
He lifts a care-worn paw
The paw that once played with a mate
Clothed in the song of stars
But the two glide through each other…
His eyes speak with the serenity of ancient fire
They sing with the last breath of an old friend
The warmth of a childhood lake, alight with moonless light
A silent storm, with all its barren waves
Rages around me, entombed under six feet of oblivion
As I slowly sink into the many waters of tears
I see his white muzzle
Nudging me go
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Chaysein Adrynna Shathward
United States
Current Residence: Millennium Brunestud Castle.
Favourite genre of music: Anything that isn't punk or rap.
Operating System: Windows XP. Currently working to rectify that debilitating handicap ...
MP3 player of choice: My computer. My MP3 CD player takes up too much battery life on MP3 mode.
Shell of choice: Conch. (Hah!)
Wallpaper of choice: My wallpaper of Arcueid Brunestud.
Skin of choice: Is this a question asking about my preference in porn? If so, that's HIGHLY classified information.
Favourite cartoon character: Changing "cartoon" to "anime", Arcueid Brunestud is the best, hands down.
Personal Quote: You're missing the point of life if you think there is one.
If you've noticed by my absolutely atrocious photographs and my slightly less atrocious but still atrocious writing, you'll know that I'm more of a writer.

Someone once told me that writing involved a constant procedure of writing pages and pages of shitty material, keeping a sentence or two and scrapping the rest and starting over. The process continues until you have pages and pages of fairly good material. Then, you proudly scoop up the one idea in there that appeals to you and scrap the rest.

And start over again. Thus the never-ending cycle continues.

If you come up with nice nuggets that aren't atrocious along the way, you could mix them up with your bad stuff and toss them at places like deviantART to scoop up.


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