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Updated (20/07/2011): added some "roundness" to various elements (e.g. buttons), plus minor fixes...



"IDEA.tar.gz" (GTK2 and Metacity themes)
"Panel.png" (an image for the Gnome-Panel)
"Preview.png" (a preview of the themes)

You can find the icon theme ("idea.tar.gz") here: [link]

The GTK2 theme IDEA requires the installation of the "gtk2-engines-murrine" package (Debian Squeeze).


All this stuff is just a modified mix of the following themes:

Brizazu 1.3 (GTK2 and Metacity themes) from [link]

Carbonizer Milk Flat (Metacity theme) from [link]

Simple 2.6.5 (Icon theme) from [link]


Hope you like it!... :)
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This is my theme every year at Christmas, even on my new Ultra-book I got in Christmas 2013.
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I agree that this theme has something which can go well with Christmas...
But, from what I remember, I've never seen it that way... :)

Anyway, it should be updated to make it usable with the new GTK3 libraries...
Unfortunately I don't know how to do that, not at the moment...
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It's a beautiful theme my friend. Gray and black themes are boring in my opinion. Blue is relaxing.
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Thank you very much! :D I'm glad you like it...
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Liked this theme a lot. My only problem was it seemed a bit bright, might have been my monitor. So I turned down the saturation on the windows and now they have a nice blue hint which I think works well.
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I know: this theme can be too bright for the eyes, I think this does not depend on your monitor... :)
But this is intentional: I wanted to avoid something a little bit greyish or bluish, so I made it whit a strong white default color. Anyway, as you have already done, colors' settings can be modified...
Maybe you can find interesting to look also at the original GTK2 theme: [link]

And by the way... thank you very much for the fav!... :D
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The original looks good too.
My colour is similar to the original now but keeps your modifications.
and your welcome =D
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Oh that looks so nice!
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