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Here Comes Monday by steward Here Comes Monday :iconsteward:steward 3 0 Hope Vs Reality by steward Hope Vs Reality :iconsteward:steward 0 0 Impossible Tasks by steward Impossible Tasks :iconsteward:steward 0 0 Impurity of Science by steward Impurity of Science :iconsteward:steward 0 0 Faith in Science by steward Faith in Science :iconsteward:steward 0 0 Mission Statement of the US by steward Mission Statement of the US :iconsteward:steward 0 0 Llibertat in Catalonia by steward Llibertat in Catalonia :iconsteward:steward 0 0 Fear by steward Fear :iconsteward:steward 1 2 Cell Phone Placement by steward Cell Phone Placement :iconsteward:steward 0 0 Bible and Francis by steward Bible and Francis :iconsteward:steward 0 0 Alt right Alt left by steward Alt right Alt left :iconsteward:steward 0 0 Allow Love by steward Allow Love :iconsteward:steward 2 0 2016 4th Amendment Evisceration by steward 2016 4th Amendment Evisceration :iconsteward:steward 0 0 Original US Pledge by steward Original US Pledge :iconsteward:steward 0 0 Choice of exploitation by steward Choice of exploitation :iconsteward:steward 1 0 Spoilage by steward Spoilage :iconsteward:steward 0 0 Georges Bataille on War by steward Georges Bataille on War :iconsteward:steward 1 0 Just Magic by steward Just Magic :iconsteward:steward 0 0 Post-doc world by steward Post-doc world :iconsteward:steward 2 0 US cultural salad by steward US cultural salad :iconsteward:steward 0 0 Universe crap by steward Universe crap :iconsteward:steward 1 0 The sage or the tiger by steward The sage or the tiger :iconsteward:steward 1 1 21st Century Serenity Prayer by steward 21st Century Serenity Prayer :iconsteward:steward 0 0 Evening Civil Twilight Summer Solstice 2014 by steward Evening Civil Twilight Summer Solstice 2014 :iconsteward:steward 0 0


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