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Remembrances of a slandered Goddess

I remember.

I remember rocking the cradle;
The cradle of humanity’s civilization.

For thousands of Earth’s journeys around its Sun
I was Queen and I was Goddess.

I was heard of in the lands beyond
I was worshipped as Goddess but not taken as Queen
I did not require such.

I had my people in the cradle
My people that I was Queen for
That was enough for any Queen
And as for a Goddess: I accepted other worship
And behaved towards them as a true and faithful Goddess.

Then the murders came.
I remember.
I remember a being who chose Godhead
I remember a being who hid Kingship
Behind his worshipers.

I remember a being who, like me, had his people
I remember a being who, unlike me, rejected all but his people
I remember a being who never reached the lands in my Queenship
I remember a being who told his Priests to kill all but his people
I remember a being who brought slaughter to My worshipers and others
I remember a being who would not be stopped; a Mountain Godhead
I remember a being, a warGod, through and through
I remember a being who has slandered me from that time forward
I remember a being who hid behind his worshipers
I remember taking revenge for his people’s killing of my people
I remember not resisting until it was too late
Even now in the Time of Reawakening
I am feared as a killer instead of worshipped as Protectress
He is worshipped as Guardian of Peace instead of condemned as warmonger

He has his people still
He has allowed others to join his people
Provided they are as warlike as those they join
They say their wars are to protect peace
Even now a mongrel nation attacks my ancient Lands
Their leader a worshiper of the warmonger
But here and there, a thought, a prayer, calls me to Reawakening
I know not what power I have left
My worshipers are few and scattered
Evil curses still rain upon me from his worshipers
They believe that my retribution for his attacks
Retribution not was, but rather my war
They believe I am and was the attacker
They believe I will still attack
Even in the thousands of years past where no such has occurred
No such could occur
I remember I am not attacker I am defender

I remember
I remember a time of peace
I remember a time of Queenship
I remember a time when I and mine were Blessed
I do not know if I remember a Future Time which mirrors Past Time
Does anyone remember?
Keep in mind that all the stories we have about Lilith as killer are from people who were commanded to treat other peoples in this fashion: " must doom them to destruction: grant them no terms and give them no quarter."
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Bombfetish Featured By Owner Feb 10, 2016  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Beautiful. At first I thought it was Isis, whose name has been soiled recently. Isis will appear in my Fantomah story soon.
DAnnsCreations Featured By Owner May 19, 2010  Professional Artisan Crafter
Beautiful! :love: She is Mother! :love: :tighthug:
Daughter-of-Hecate Featured By Owner Jun 3, 2008  Hobbyist General Artist
Lilith. Only those who know Her truths know She really is a loving and protective Goddess. The ancient church was afraid of Her and demonized Her. In most people's eyes, She is nothing more than a lowly demon. Feminists and the Women's Movement owe their cause to the first Feminist.

A beautiful poem, Stewart.
AngelFyre32 Featured By Owner Jun 3, 2008
thats pretty good...i like it...
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