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This past August
It was five years ago
I first went to WitchCamp
I came back home to New Jersey
Convinced of an inevitability of peace.

This month
It was five years ago
I saw not peace
I saw destruction.
I was lucky to escape personal loss;
A friend had planned to go to Windows on the World that morning
But got up late.
She was only halfway up the Turnpike
When the first plane augured in.

This month
It was five years ago
When my brother lost his out-of-town office
In a famous five-sided building
Luckily he was in-town that day.

This month
It was five years ago
When a friend of mine dreamed of Sekhmet
Standing on the waters of the mouth of the Hudson
Blood flowing down the river
She woke screaming.
Her then partner was concerned about whether or not she was sick
And took the day off.
He is a roving computer technician.
He was scheduled to be on the 39th Floor, Tower 2, that day.

This month
It was five years ago
When the then chair of SpiralHeart's Communications Cell, Lizard,
Gave me permission to collect the thoughts of our Community
And preserve them so that our first horrified thoughts
Would not be forgotten.

In Our Own Voices: SpiralHeart responds to September 11, 2001
Lest we forget...

"They shall grow not old.... as we that are left grow old
Age shall not weary them, nor the years contemn
At the going down of the sun, and in the morning,   
we will remember them."  - Laurence Binyon
"Diplomacy is the art of the possible... but not the art of the necessary.
So why, *why* are the deaths  necessary,
when I know something better is possible?" - John M. Ford
The magic taught by Reclaiming as practiced in many of its communities, including the SpiralHeart community, is filled with hope of a better future.

Imagine being a New Jerseyan attending such a week-long event...

in August, 2001.

And then the world changed.

And not for the better.
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ImaginedMoments Featured By Owner Sep 1, 2006  Professional Digital Artist
I felt the same as jaspenelle ..... thank you for sharing. Powerful words my friend. Hugs!
sephora04 Featured By Owner Sep 1, 2006
this has brought to me same we had by the same people in my countrie a 11 of march not that long ago, i dont even want to remember it, we all have to live with this shit unfortunally.
steward Featured By Owner Sep 2, 2006  Hobbyist General Artist
> we all have to live with this shit unfortunally

Do we?

I think we look to the 'other' as the cause too often when the 'other' is often the effect of an action, often from our own self-identified grouping, but sometime in the past. Not that each person can't control themselves in what they do, but that societies do not look at the long-term, slow, quiet damage that they do to themselves and to other societies. As Leonard Wibberley wrote in _The Mouse That Roared_, "...though the pen is mightier than the sword, the sword speaks louder and stronger at any given moment."

"On occasion, death may shock us back to a state of reason and let us see violence in all its brutal stupidity." - Walter F. Murphy

"Evil lies with those who set an evil chain of causation in motion, not with those caught up in the effects of the causes." - Attributed to Avalokita Bodhisattva

If we learn from these events and look back at the chain of causation... maybe these events won't happen anymore.
sephora04 Featured By Owner Sep 2, 2006
yes ur right but in this case i put the blame totally in our goverments absolutly in then, all were kissing George Bush ass and see the consecuences. I do wonder what the heck that man have in his brain.
jaspenelle Featured By Owner Sep 1, 2006
This brought tears to my eyes and gave me goosebumps Steward
:hug: thank you for sharing
Dark0Goddess Featured By Owner Sep 1, 2006
This is very real and very chilling. It was really a horrific time for everyone, but I cannot imagine being that close to the action or knowing anyone who barely escaped the fate. :hug:
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