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English with Hina - Tense

By StevosStuff
A request from :iconredbeatsmermaid: after seeing how her English is rather dodgy with how tense works. I made this visual aid to show how tense pertains to time (at least the time of the utterance or writing).

It's quite simple, really. Past refers to events or conditions that happened in the past, whether it be until now, yesterday, or even centuries ago.
"When I was a kid..."
"I sent you that email yesterday."
"The Chinese invented Go."

The future refers to thing that will happen: plans, predictions, the like.
"Her next son will be named Hiram."
"I'll fill out the form tomorrow."
"I'll play Go when I'm in China."

The present refers to current or regular happenings.
"I am 23 years old."
"She's looking for a stamp."
"Lots of people play Go in China."

There are quite a few complexities with use of auxiliaries and pin-pointing order of events with tense and the like, but this should be at least a good start.

Don't be afraid to ask me any grammar questions. It might just be worthy of another English with Hina!
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Is Daiyousei going to call in STEEHL RAYHN?
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oh my god,
that was an unexpected TURN of events. (no fler stahp)

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Now how about we solve the tense trouble with time travel?
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No Hina-face. DISSAPPOINTED! Rage 
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Remember, Daiyousei, don't get eaten by Tyranids!
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that's a good SPIN on a English lessen
(pun intened)
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AAAAND everybody spins~
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Love the references in the timeline (hopefully Daiyousei's experiences in the arena translate well to gunning down space bugs)
And this is pretty well done, actually - it conveys the information in a simple and elegant manner using a common theme   :iconhinafaceplz:
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ha ha, I love space marine Daiyousei, or as I call it 'Doom Daiyousei"
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