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Patreon reward: Return painting + story

:excited: I am so thrilled to announce the beginning of my story Weatherwax Coven. The hi-res version of this art along with the accompanying story are available for patrons now at

:star: Weatherwax Coven :star:
A coven of four gorgeous witch men unearth an unlimited power flowing from their Colorado mountain manor, but when the cruel ambitions of older, stronger witches threaten to seize the land, the divided coven must lay old wounds to rest.

Need more? Here's another painting of Marcus:
Failing by stevie-rae-drawn

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I like that! Congratulations
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wow details are Epic !!!! beautifull !!!!
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:excited: :excited: :excited: :excited: :excited: :excited: :excited: :excited: :excited: :excited: :excited: :excited: :excited: :excited: :excited: :excited: :excited: :excited: :excited: :excited: 

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Most of the time I skip through a lot of the deviations in my watch but as I was skipping through I was like "WAIT GO BACK THAT WAS STEVIE."
Yep, your style is definitely ingrained into my mind for life
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PERFECT. Everything is going according to plan!
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Absolutely stunning, love the colors, pose, lighting, shading the magical fantasy feel, those animated flowers. Very well done, so nice to look at!!
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Ahhhhh thank you so much, Aya! This was a huge step forward for me <3 I can't wait to make more art like this!
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No problem, I'll be looking forward to see it!
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