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woo, 21,000 visitors :D not a huge amount, considering how long I've been on Deviantart but it feels like a lot to me and I appreciate every one of you :) thank you!!!!! <3
This week, my main model and my favourite person in the World is leaving the country and I have no idea if/when I will see her again (T_T)

Thank you, Fei, for making my life so worth living. I love you and always will. xxx
To everyone in Japan, I just want to say my best wishes are with you. I've heard from some of my friends who are ok, but still waiting to hear from others.
I wish I was there to help in any small way I can.
Adobe have released 30 day, unrestricted, trial editions of all programs in Creative Suite 5, including the latest Photoshop.

I've been trying it out and love it! Just wish I could afford to use it once the 30 days run out.

Get it here:

New Watermark

Journal Entry: Fri Mar 5, 2010, 1:49 PM
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I've been adding a new, more subtle watermark to some of my images, rather than the DA one.
Hopefully this will make the pictures more enjoyable and allows me to make bigger sizes available for download.

Let me know what you think. :)

CSS made by TwiggyTeeluck
Texture by Princess-of-Shadows
I've ordered 3 studio flashes with softboxes, barn doors and a snoot :D also doing a photoshoot on Sunday :)

Hope the lights arrive on time!
Back from Japan. The trip was stressful to say the least.
I saw some friends I'd been missing a lot, as well as my ex-gf. It was very painful to come back to the UK and I really wish I could have stayed in Japan. :(
Got some accommodation sorted for my trip to Japan :)
Life comes to certain points where things just really seem to be utter crap.
Now is one of those points.
Things seemed to really be coming together, especially relationship-wise. However, maybe I was wrong. All of a sudden the relationship went cold, and not from my end.
It is times like this that I feel no motivation for anything.
I am hoping to take a week long trip to Japan next month. If this goes ahead, expect lots more Japanese photos to appear :D I know I have quite a few followers who are mainly looking for those types of pictures. :)
Got my camera back after having it repaired. Was £195 :( so my bank account is looking really bad now with an annoying minus sign in front of the numbers.

At the weekend, I went to the Edinburgh Fringe Festival with a couple of friends. Had a great time, but I think I am still really tired from driving there and back in one day :)
Not content with breaking my camera, I've broken my foot too! :)
I've been walking on it for 7 weeks and it's taken my GP this long to work out it's broken! Also the secretary was amazingly rude to me :(

So, now I have to wear a giant boot to keep my foot rigid for a month or so.
For the last 2 days, my camera has been intermittently refusing to work, displaying "Error Code 99", which Canon helpful call "Generic error".

Looks like I am going to have to save up for a new camera.

Now would seem like a good time to remind everyone that many of my photos are for sale :D I am sure a photo or two may make a good birthday/early Christmas present for someone ;)…
Finally built myself a new computer.
My ancient laptop has been getting slower and slower and needs a reinstall of windows but I've not wanted to be without a computer and even then, it's only got 1 gig of RAM so was never lightning fast with Photoshop. This has been the main reason why I haven't uploaded much recently.

Now I've built a computer with 4 gig of RAM and quad processor so I can finally process all the photos I've been taking without waiting 10 minutes just to resize a picture ^_^

Hopefully this means that more photos will be coming very soon (once I get Windows 7 - released as a free download tomorrow!)
stuck in my job on minimum wage :(
I have a job interview on Wednesday (^0^)
I managed to miss my flight back to England, on Monday!!
The next flight they could get me was Wednesday morning, so I can`t get back for another 2 days! :( doh!!! I am sooo stupid.
I am off to Spain soon, for around a week. I am not sure if anything will be updated while I am away, or not, since I don't have Photoshop on my EEEPC that I am taking.

Hopefully I will get some updates done, but if not, there will be a lot to upload later :)
As you may have guessed from my recent deviations, I got money towards a macro lens for Christmas :D It's the Sigma 70mm f/2.8 prime macro. I am really impressed with the clarity of the shots, though I am finding myself trying to visualise a scene that is too small for me to be able to actually see :D

I have no work until the 2nd of Jan, so hopefully I will get some of my experimental photography ideas completed, since I no longer have the excuse of being tired from work :) (right now I am tired from Christmas).
At least one of my ideas involves a syringe but I've got no clue where to buy one from :( so that project may never get completed.

I hope you all had a great Christmas. Take care.
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Yesterday my tripod broke so I decided I'd get a new one today, but due to my job not paying well at all (minimum wage), I was trying to work out which one to get and how to justify spending more than £30 on one.
After looking through some of the nice ones I wanted, in particular, the Manfrotto series - anything close to £80 and less was not capable of supporting the weight of my camera. The cool thing about the Manfrotto pro range is that you can flip the central shaft horizontally, allowing the tripod to go down to a height of around 8cm!
In the end, I worked out I could afford £50 and would go for one that goes to a decent height of 160cm and can go down to 63cm and that I'd upgrade once I get a better job.

I also saw that the yen was really low, so decided to cash in some of my Japanese savings to pay for the tripod. When I opened my old wallet from Japan, I found £125 sterling inside it! So, my budget of £50 jumped to £175 which meant I could get the Manfrotto 055XPRO :) It's slightly taller than me with the head attached standing at 190cm, yet goes down to around 8-10cm :)

Today I played volleyball with the Japanese society and tomorrow I am taking some friends to Bamburgh castle, so my first trial of the new tripod will be tomorrow :D

The downside of it, is that it doesn't quite fit into my bag and it's a tad on the heavy side (which is good for stability)