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Lunchtime in Amerikamura 1

The colour version of this one.
Osaka, Japan
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Beautiful shot!! the colors are great! ^^
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Thank you very much :) glad you like it
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Ha, this is excellent. The chick, with the hat on is totally checking you out.
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Thanks :) maybe she was just wondering why I was pointing a camera in her direction :D
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You're so modest... The Japanese are used to random photos being taken, she's definitely checking you out.
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I don't think most are used to having someone do it from 2 metres away :D
At least nobody came over and punched me - street photography can feel stressful :D
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Yeah, you have to balance the artistry, and not invading privacy.
beautiful shot!!
i love the girl with the light brown ugg boots!!
and that food is making me hungry.. :P i love japanese food :D
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Thank you :D I think every shot I got that day was of people eating
lol no problem! :D
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Interesting scene!
..and is that takoyaki I see?
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Yep, I believe so :)
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Yeah, way better!
The guy in the trash, the guy in the background, makes you wonder what is going on, besides the obvious.
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I think I like this version more, but the crop on the B/W version is nicer, especially since it doesn't show the guy sifting through the bin :P
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The shot was taken originally to make sure that guy was in the picture, showing the contrast between the people there :)
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I agree... juxtaposition is good.

The girls (as pretty as they are)eating alone, would just be boring.
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Thank you :) I am glad you agree :)
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