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Framed Baltic Opening

The opening day of the Baltic art gallery, framed by the Millennium Bridge which was opening to let a boat through. Newcastle upon Tyne, England.
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Really nice composition, good work!
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Thank you very much :)
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was the composition manipulated in anyway??
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the contrast was altered - oh, and there was one person to the far right picking his nose, so I removed him - couldn't get him out of the way for the photo - though he was really far to the right, so it was a minor change.
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nose pickers always get in the way...

It is a really great shot, shows that sometimes you really need to be in the right place at the right time.
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Thank you - I appreciate your comments. The good thing about this bridge, is that it announces the times it will open - so you can plan it, but obviously the weather and the crowd that gathers can make a huge difference too.
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Very interesting composition. I cant stop looking at that bridge. It looks very strange... because of the angle and because it's opening.. or whatever. It's great.
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Thanks, I love the bridge (as you may have guessed from my gallery ;-) )
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Doh - pressed submit when trying to scroll to type more for that comment! :-( I'm an idiot.

Anyways, was just going to mention that it always attracts a crowd when it opens for ships to pass.
the dark area in the sky, is the part you walk across and the light area to the left is the cycle track on the bridge.
Everytime it opens, it tips all the litter into a chute which then bins it all automatically :-)
It's also amazingly quiet when it opens.
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Wow, that's crazy. I think it may qualify for the title of "Best Bridge Ever"
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This is an amazing shot. I really have no sense of perception in it. The people are what made this picture. Definitely favouriting this. No complaints.
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Thanks very much.

The thing that stopped me uploading it sooner was that I wasn't impressed with the quality of it after my scanner had butchered it. Need to buy a new one :-)

There are other shots of the bridge in my gallery for a better sense of the scale of things around it.
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