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Michael Jackson - '7even' back by SteveWorek Michael Jackson - '7even' back :iconsteveworek:SteveWorek 6 3 Magenta Regrets by SteveWorek Magenta Regrets :iconsteveworek:SteveWorek 28 15
The Friends I've Lost Before
To all the friends I've lost before
Whose faces grace me nevermore
How could we smile so many days
And then just go our separate ways
And throw out all the gifts we gave
That we both swore we'd always save?
To all the friends I left behind
There were so many different kinds
Some always made their care so clear
So when they ached, I was always near
Some I met by luck, by chance
Some loved to write, some loved to dance
Some moved off to another place
Some left regrets too hard to face
Some knew me as their one true friend
Some I wish that I could hug again
Some I couldn't give what they asked
And our differences soon came unmasked
Now so many of them have gone
But my heart just can't move on
For in my mind, I see their faces
And remember each of their embraces
I wish I could, just for a while
Go back to when the tears were smiles
The photos and letters, I still hold close
From those that I cared for the most
I look at each and think so long
About where things had gone so wrong
For sure,
:iconsteveworek:SteveWorek 2 0
Love, Magenta by SteveWorek Love, Magenta :iconsteveworek:SteveWorek 48 8 Facebook-Induced Breakdown by SteveWorek Facebook-Induced Breakdown :iconsteveworek:SteveWorek 1 0 Greetings From Burgeropolis by SteveWorek Greetings From Burgeropolis :iconsteveworek:SteveWorek 2 0 SNL: The Complete Sixth Season by SteveWorek SNL: The Complete Sixth Season :iconsteveworek:SteveWorek 1 0
Fallen Angel
I saw a fallen angel one day on the pavement
Her wings were torn, her face forlorn
Her smile a mask for a tattered soul
But her whole body glowed with a heavenly grace
Shining around her dark, flowing hair
Which fell softly around her fragile face.
I held her hand and she stumbled to her feet
Telling me of how she had been hurt
I offered to help, but she waved me off
And turned her face away
I said, please tell me who wronged you so
And she spoke of a love gone astray.
Her eyes looked tired, her smile faded
Leaving a faint look of sadness upon her
She tried to brush the dirt from her clothing
But it remained, thick and black as a marker
As she wiped at the stains, her eyes grew moist
And her light grew steadily darker.
I rushed forward to the spot where she stood
And clutched her body between my arms
When suddenly I was overcome by warmth
And her light became bright once more
As her arms returned my embrace
The light grew even brighter than before.
The dirt disappeared from her clothin
:iconsteveworek:SteveWorek 0 0
Casino Royale '67 wallpaper by SteveWorek Casino Royale '67 wallpaper :iconsteveworek:SteveWorek 1 0
The Rift
We walked and talked through the halls at school
We had a laugh each day in class
We shared jokes with each other
We shared our things with each other
We hugged when we thought we'd never see each other again
We both said we'd stay in touch with each other
But though we'd spent so much time together
It only took but an instant to tear us apart.
At graduation, we stood so close together
But you wouldn't speak to me
I tried to keep in touch, to hear what you were up to
But you wouldn't speak to me
I asked you what I did to hurt you so
But you wouldn't speak to me
I said I was sorry for anything I could've done
But you wouldn't speak to me
I begged for your forgiveness so we could both move on
But you wouldn't speak to me
I told you I didn't want to be friends anymore
But you wouldn't speak to me
I shed a tear at how I'd lost someone close
But you wouldn't speak to me.
Now I'm left to sit all alone with my memories
With your face still indelibly burned into my mind
Your smile still haunts
:iconsteveworek:SteveWorek 0 1
When The Faces No Longer Fit
Your room is dim, no light is allowed inside
Your eyes are wide, your hands trembling
In front of you, the scraps of a person's wasted life
Spread across the pixels of a glowing screen
One photo after another, one pose after another pose
Her eyes are empty and lifeless, her smile is fake and forced
Her dignity is shattered and destroyed
But still you find solace in her embarrassed smile
You'll be in love for a week or two - a hot date every night
But then your relationship will fade away
You'll find another girl, this time with darker hair
A mole at the top of her left leg, a dimple on her chin
She poses like the first but the smile is no longer there
Deep in her soul is the ghost of her younger, innocent self
Screaming in agony, screaming to be released once more
But your eyes keep it locked inside her
Then again, you'll throw her away like you never knew her
The cycle has started, and now there's no escape
One girl after another, pierced by your grinning eyes
Each girl thinking she's
:iconsteveworek:SteveWorek 0 2
SimJackass by SteveWorek SimJackass :iconsteveworek:SteveWorek 1 0 Nerd-B-Gon by SteveWorek Nerd-B-Gon :iconsteveworek:SteveWorek 1 3 Spinal Tap - Bent For The Rent by SteveWorek Spinal Tap - Bent For The Rent :iconsteveworek:SteveWorek 19 8 James Bond in 'Alligator' by SteveWorek James Bond in 'Alligator' :iconsteveworek:SteveWorek 0 7 Frank Zappa, American Composer by SteveWorek Frank Zappa, American Composer :iconsteveworek:SteveWorek 5 2


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Steven Worek
United States
Current Residence: Pittsburgh
Favourite genre of music: classic rock
Favourite style of art: photomanipulation
Operating System: Windows XP
Favourite cartoon character: Stewie Griffin


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Karwei Featured By Owner Jan 20, 2009
Dear Steve, you are an amazing human being for posting all of those Bill Nye songs on YouTube.

I like your funny poster things.
SteveWorek Featured By Owner Aug 19, 2008
*Yawn* Not much activity around here.
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yah billie piper is new bondgirl well according to your poster :D
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