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The Warmaster

Horus Lupercal. Primarch of the Luna Wolves, First son of the Emperor, and Warmaster of his great crusade.

I fell down a big Warhammer 40,000 lore rabbit hole a couple months ago and kind of re-discovered my love for the world from when I was a kid. I had the idea of doing some Rembrandt-style portraits of the Primarchs. Maybe something that would have been commissioned by the imperium for each primarch to hang in a palace somewhere at the height of the crusade once all the sons of the emperor had been accounted for, but before the heresy. I don't know if or how many of the other Primarchs I might do, but I had a blast painting this one and would love to do at least a few more.
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Will you have time to show him in the armor worn before this suit? The one worn while the Sons of Horus were still the Luna Wolves?

I've never seen it, only read a description a few times in a novel. It was a non-Terminator suit, painted a Luna Wolves sea green. Since adoption of the warrior lodges and Horus's revival by Chaos mystics hadn't happened yet, the snake-eye emblems would have been missing, too. Beyond that, I remember nothing.

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What kind of nonsense is this? Firstly, the armor of Horus in the first form was white and gold in color. Secondly, the eye of Terra was always on the armor, only Horus and Sanguinius were honored to wear it.

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I thought I had corrected myself in a supplementary comment after someone else corrected me on the color. Did I not actually do it?

I strongly remembered the green color, but mistook it's time in the Legion's history. The fact that the new Warmaster armor was colored different from the Luna Wolves' heraldry until they changed it to match muddled my mind further. Regarding the eye... perhaps I was confused because my thoughts still have trouble accepting the Emperor would chose to make his 'Eye of Terra' emblem a sinister-looking snake's eye.

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I corrected you about the armor, say "thank you" and don't get annoyed. Initially, it was a sign with which the Emperor marked Horus. Then, after the transformation of the legion into the "Sons of Horus", a slightly modified version, something between the eye of terra and the rune of Chthonia became the symbol of the legion.

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I was convinced months ago by someone else, who was not insulting and patronizing about it. So you will get no thanks.

I refer you to the comment that you would have seen just below my original one before you wrote your response. I was corrected then, and confessed my error when my own re-examination of the evidence proved me wrong.

InvictusInvictus's avatar

You're just an asshole with an inflated self-esteem. I corrected you, you should have said thank you, instead you started being rude to me. Piece of shit.

NO-SoupForYou's avatar

You are a brand new member as of this comment. I'll give you some advice. If you're the sort that starts pickin' fights and being so antisocial after just two weeks, you're not gonna have a good time here. As word and evidence of your behavior spreads you'll find yourself generally unwelcome, and possibly banned from the site. This troll bridge is swarming with billy goats!

Read your comments again. You directly insulted me while telling me what I already knew. Then you chided me when I mentioned I knew it, assuming an emotional state I didn't (yet) bear... demanding thanks for your 'help'. When I refused you became abusive. How grateful to you should I be now?

When users view our exchange here, they'll also make a judgement which of us was being rude. That holds no fear for me. And if my yet -unborn children need to read it someday I know I will not be ashamed.

For me, this is over between us. Clearly nothing good is to be gained. Good night.

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The Luna wolves wore white as depicted here, and the eye symbol is actually the Eye of Terra, which Horus wore during the great crusade.

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No need to respond to my last comment. You were correct: the livery I recalled was actually the pre-Heresy Sons of Horus scheme, which was chosen to match the Warmaster's new armor.

So in most respects, this is exactly what I was asking for. But I still think most of those 'eyes' should be featureless gems, or something. There's only so many Eyes of Terra you can put facing towards you on one thing, before it looks rather sick.

NO-SoupForYou's avatar

The original Luna Wolves color was sea-foam green, until he was made the Warmaster. Then his Legion changed their paint job and name, and Mars gifted Horus with the armor he wears here. That's in the very first Horus Heresy novel, written by Dan Abnett.

The eye on his belt was probably The Eye of Terra when he received the suit, but customized in honor of Horus's 'saviors' before he realized their true nature.

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Hail to the Warmaster

Outlaw123's avatar

Damn just great

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Great work.

Yet somehow my silly sense of humour just keeps repeating 'Horus 'Angry Power-armored Joe Rogan' Lupercal' in the back of my head, can't help myself ;)

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i have a question: a lot of artist portray Horus in his white armour with bow-and-arrow icononography. But my understanding is that that symbol only entered the imagry of the legion after the interex incedent when the luna wolves go their repaint. Is that just my read? is it defined somewhere in the books? or is this just creative freedom?

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I don't remember specifically the significance of it. I was reading the first Horus Heresy book while I worked on this and I vaguely remember Horus talking about the meaning of the constellation as explained to him by the Emperor. Ultimately I just thought it was a cool motif and fit the character design I was going for.

irrenderNarr42's avatar

the way i understand it is he identifies with it because the sagitarius (mounted archer) was the most advanced weapon of it's age and Horus in a way is the most advanced weapon of his age.

Outlaw123's avatar

To be more correct emperor identified him as such

irrenderNarr42's avatar

oh ok, i didnt remember that part i just remembered how He gave Horus a childrens book about astronomy/astrology(i'm not sure which, but knowing His dislike for mysticism and religion it was proberbly the former)

Outlaw123's avatar

Yea he did gave him the book and asked horus witch he likes the best and horus started saying witch one and way,and at it end emperor i thought you would pick sagitarius a prefect fusion of man and machine or something along those lines a perfect warrior itd i cant quite recall

The mighty one and unfortunately the fallen one, even the greatest of one of us can fall really low :'(

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By definition, the higher you climb the further the fall.

I weep a tear while reading your comment pal, it's totally true :'(. Why Horus! Why did you betray us!!

Zoritluus's avatar

Yeah me too. He did it to save Humanity and himself, thats the tragedy.

Horus was fooled into believing the Emperor was failing at his own goals (in saving humanity from extinction).

So he took it into his own hands instead.

But first he needed to secure control and the only way to beat the stronger opponent (the Emperor) is stabbing him in the back. Thats how he justified all these atrocities.

I mean the purpose of the Warmaster is to defeat humanities foes.

Horus knowing that humanities biggest foe is itself..let's say it was kinda destined to end in tragedy.

For sure, Yea he clearly fooled himself by pretending to be the true savior, instead he bring ruin on everything that the Emperor has try to achieved.

Something is tickling me, Malcador said that the primarch were destined to be replaced in far far future when humanity will reach his top, a meaning to the ends, the'r only tools unfortunately.

I think the book is called The Sigillite.

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