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Wonder Woman/ Lynda Carter study

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Wonder Woman, Lynda Carter, study for an upcoming full-color piece. Drawn on Canson stock w/black and white Prismacolor. Hot spot w/ gesso white.
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Hey Campbell, thank you!
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Love this piece! I was inspired by it to do my own Lynda Carter tribute:
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C-Doc, nice job!!! I'm glad I inspire somebody! lol! Keep up the great work!
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Ah, this deserves more faves! :iconpfftplz:

I love everything abou this...the cute pose, the likeness, the style...yep. Everything :D, GREAT work here :clap:

This is probably my favorite piece from you :deviation:
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"Ok, so did you want the Ferrari orrrr the Porsche?" (A $50 just doesn't seem like enough.) :) Love the emoticons, LiW, and your heart.
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lol, is that a quote from a movie or something? :XD:

And I feel kinda stupid for asking this, but what's LiW? ^^;

And thanks! :D
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haha! No, the old saying of paying someone $50 bucks for a nice compliment. For you a fifty isn't enough so I thought it best to offer an expensive automobile for the multiple accolades. LiW refers to LadyinWaiting. :D
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Haha, OH, okay :XD:

Well, thanks :)
That's great! Lynda would be proud
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I'd settle for her kiss. I thank you. :P
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Thank you! Here's hoping the colored piece will be better. :)
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Awesome. Might have to breakout the DVDs after looking at this piece.
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My wife just broke off into the song when she saw this pic. Looks great!
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