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Star Trek: The Search for Spock

Here's some collector plate art I did, remember the ones you'd eat your mashed potatoes on? I did! Artwork for the Hamilton Collection. 16 x 16"- acrylics, airbrush, Prismacolor on cold-press illustration board. :)

All characters are © Paramount Pictures.
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This is beautiful.
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That's a very impressive work you did!!! Very good job!!!
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Thank you x a million!Psychotic 
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:-) Can't wait to see more great artworks of yours. :-)
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I'm honored! Thank you and soon!
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Many thanks, Andy!Boogie! 
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Amazing work on one of my favorite Star Trek movies! (I don't know why many people think it as not one of the good ones)... many memorable and touching scenes, and your art really did it justice. I especially love Spock's appearance :thumbsup:
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Movies 1 and 5 were bad, so folks often lump #3 in with the other odd-numbered movies as a bad one, even though "The Search For Spock" was actually quite good.  It's sheer laziness, I think.

And now to the artist -- that central image is especially well done.  Kudos!
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Thanks Daniel! I suck at art and I'm cixelsyd too. :party:
:D'd you know my name? :P
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Leinad Rethgual. Ev'I neeb gniklat sdrawkcab ylbaborp ecnis erofeb uoy erew nrob.
M'i desserpmi.
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Tnellecxe! Knaht uoy os hcum!
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Mr. Spock approves of this piece.
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Funny you mention this. When my color comp for this piece was sent to Nimoy and Shatner for their contracted input, Shatner refused to sign off, stating, "It doesn't look like me." On the comp, his head/face measured roughly 1". At that size Kirk's image was admittedly more representational as he was not the focal point of the collector plate art. My director asked that I redraw him and resubmit. With about 2 hours of work, the new head was pasted in and the comp was resubmitted. Shat approved. :)
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Oh! this is wonderful!
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again absolutely amazing work!
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And thank you again, auratrekkie!
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I remember those plates! Very cool. :)
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You should see the plate in my head. :)
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